Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this second installment of literal videos!

Full Credits

Lyrics/singing: Dustin McLean
Voices: Jonah Ray, Priscilla McLean

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[Whispering and Mumbling] [Music Playing]
[Door Slams]
Jonah Ray: Eh, eh, eh, eh. I'm returning a book.
Priscilla McLean: Huh? Oh, it's you.
Jonah Ray: Doo, doo, doo. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.
Priscilla McLean: Shh! Be quiet!
[Chimpanzee Sounds]
Jonah Ray: That's a lot of books!
Jonah Ray: It sure is.
Jonah Ray: Oof! Ugh!
Dustin McLean: I've got a stack of books to return. I wish that they were better. Now, I'm singing in the library and trying to flirt. Why'd that janitor walk there?
Dustin McLean: The monkey's reading. Let me help with the books. You have really big glasses.
Dustin McLean: I'm acting really bashful while I'm singing to you. Oh, I won't go away. No, I just won't go away.
Dustin McLean: Now, I'll walk away and head over here. I'll check the files out when I get over here. When I open this the cards all fly out. I saw Ghostbusters this copied that. Now, now, now, play the keyboard.
[Music Playing]
Dustin McLean: Is that Dave Coulier?
Dustin McLean: Throw this away.
Dustin McLean: I'm looking for a specific book. Bout a Rabbi and black guy. I'm peeking through the books and I won't leave you alone. And now, I'll float to the next level.
Jonah Ray: In a magic chair.
Dustin McLean: What's happening with that monkey? What is with this gas mask? This is a strange library.
Jonah Ray: I think it's dumb.
Dustin McLean: I'm gonna pull a gun on you, but don't be afraid. I'm silly, so. Now, I'm floating back down to the ground floor. I never realized I could fly so easily.
Dustin McLean: Now, the Rabbi's walking right behind me. I don't know why he is following me, maybe he wants this book.
[Music Playing]
[Chimpanzee Sounds]
Dustin McLean: Check out my cool new sweater. I just bought it, it's from The Gap. It was just forty dollars.
Jonah Ray: La la la la. All right. Now! Damn it! Got it, now! Come on! You're kidding me! Just catch it! All right, I'm throwing the book. Now! Yeah! Thank you!
Dustin McLean: Do you like my mullet? Business in front, party in back. Now, I'm an old man.