Two mysterious mafioso-looking groups converge at a hidden warehouse. The Blue... more »
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Additional Credits:
Directed by Michael Tushaus
Written By Troy Pavuk, Michael Tushaus, Bryan Wiersma
Produced By Troy Pavuk, Michael Tushaus, Bryan Wiersma, Karen Cornejo
Cast: Troy Pavuk, Bryan Wiersma, Tony Saurini, Elizabeth Waterbury, Emily Wiersma, Stephen Krstulich, Razilee Zehri, Jeremy Ordaz, Nick Kitzberger, Jessica Smith, Belinda Long, Jason Hamblen, Brent Kessler, Sarah Snider, Darren Zatkow, Robyn Buchanan King
Director of Photography: Michael Su
Editing, Sound & Music by Michael Tushaus
Opening Visual Effects by Joe Krstulich, Chaopolis FX
Titles by Stephen Krstulich
Costume Design by Karen Cornejo
Hair & Make-up by Dawn Marie Bernhard
Grip: Dallas Nichols
Props & Pies by Bryan Wiersma, Saide Westerhorstmann, Dallas Nichols
Location provided by: Tiffany Sosa
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Published: April 03, 2012