and check out this watch from short film to technical problem has on indovision is... more »
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Published: February 10, 2013
narrators :
you coungration this check out
from please you number call!.

daughter antonikid :
hello customer services. was tv channel
was broken or satelite was broken?.

customer services :
this chinsese new year. become customer services.
haikaox's vision select. become at the home. you is
this fixing channel. starting later in time 3pm.

daugter antonikid :
thanks you sir. customer services.
you become at the home antonigames.

conclusion -

customer services :
hello parianto antonigames said. you're
this about this tv channel was broken to
say about that technical problem again.

parianto antonigames said :
hey customer services. do not fixing
this my tv channel and my encoder to
haikaox's vision select. sorry about.

customer services :
ohh noo.