Paul Rudd pitches his best marketing ideas for Our Idiot Brother to Harvey Weinstein from a piece of toilet paper he wrote them on.

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Starring - Paul Rudd, Harvey Weinstein
Written by - Rob Klein & Colin Jost
Directed by - Rob Klein
Exec Producer - Mike Farah, Dane Reiley
Producer - Mike Fox
DP - Jon Chen
2nd Camera Op - Arianna LePenne
Funny or Die Consultant - Chris Kelly
Grip - Thomas Chavez
Sound Coordinator - Cory Choy
Sound Recordist - Hunt Beaty
Driver/PA - Matt Leiderman
Post House: Black Spot
Editor: Alexander Serpico
Sound Mix: Pat Bishop
Special Thanks - The Weinstein Company

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August 09, 2011


(whispers) Exclusive
Paul: (knocking) Hey, Harvey.
Harvey: Paul, how are ya?
Paul: Good, how's it going?
This is where it happens, huh?
Harvey: This is it man.
This is where it happens.
Paul: Good Will Hunting.
Harvey: Yep.
Paul: Inglorious Bastards.
Harvey: Yeah.
Paul: E.T.
Harvey: I didn't make E.T., Paul.
Paul: No, I know.
I'm just saying movies.
Ghostbusters, Schindler's List.
So, anyway, I had such a great time
on Our Idiot Brother and
I'm so proud of the film.
I had some marketing ideas.
I know you're the master at this stuff.
I don't want to overstep my bounds.
Harvey: Please.
Paul: But, I think you're
gonna like some of these.
Harvey: Is that toilet paper?
Paul: Yeah. Yeah, I was on the bus.
Okay, you know how trailers
happen before movies?
What if we put our trailer
in the middle of a movie?
Like interrupt it.
Like right in the middle of a sex scene.
Like a lady is going, "Oh,
baby. Oh, yeah! Oh, Ah!"
'Coming soon, Paul Rudd
has different ideas.'
Harvey: You know we have
a marketing team here, Paul,
that usually does stuff like this.
Paul: How about a billboard
with my face on it?
Not pictures of my face.
My actual face live.
You figure it out.
You know how people are
on screens in taxi cabs?
I wanna be on those screens.
But I also want to be in the trunk,
so that when they get
out to get their luggagge
I pop out and then you
know who's driving the cab?
Morgan Freeman.
I want to talk to every
single person in the world
for at least 5 or 10 minutes.
Candle light vigil.
Here's one, Rudd's Mud.
I have my own line of mud.
It's like my-, nah.
Why don't we advertise in pizzeria's?
You know? New York. Get
in that Brooklyn crowd.
Brooklyn! Little slice of Brooklyn pizza.
People love the Brooklyn Dodgers.
It's the Brooklyn Dodgers.
It's the Brooklyn Dodgers.
What if we give the trailer kind of
a Pulp Fiction feel?
Hey, quarter-pounder with cheese.
Quarter-pounder with cheese.
Have you not seen Pulp Fiction?
Harvey: I made Pulp Fiction, Paul.
Paul: It's, nah.
Are we sold on the title? How about this?
Paul Rudd presents:
Our Idiot Brother; The Hangover, Borat.
Harvey: No.
Paul: Our Idiot Brother starring Paul,
wait for it, Reiser.
Our Idiot Brother starring Paul,
wait for it, Rubens.
My Big Fat Greek Porno.
People love Greek people.
People love pornos.
Harvey: Get out of my office now.
Paul: Is this your Oscar?
This is your Oscar for The King's Speech.
Paul: S, S, S, S, Sorry.
Harvey: Get out!
Paul: You get out.
Harvey: Get out of my office.
Paul: Na, na, na, na, na!
Harvey: Paul, get out of my office.
Paul: You get - okay.
Look here, take a look at
those and just get back to me.
You know where I'm at.
Hey, Cameron Diaz. Mmmmm.
No way, Mick Jagger. Mmmmm.
See ya later.
♫ (music) ♫