Gina Gershon as Sarah Palin answers her critics.

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Starring Gina Gershon.


Gina Gershon portrays Sarah Palin giving satirical statements regarding
pressing issues. Scenes of Alaskan wildlife, landscapes, or patriotic
images are shown in the background.

Announcer: And now a few words from future Vice President Sarah Palin

Gina Gershon: Hello America, I’m Governor Sarah Palin. Lately there
have been a lot of wild rumors about me and I’d like to set the record

Floating text: On Education…

Gina Gershon: Like so many of you, I went to five colleges in six years
to get my journalism degree. Barack Obama only went to one.

Floating Text: On Banning Books…

Gina Gershon: I only tried to ban one book. “Are you there God? It’s
Me, Margaret.” And, I stand by my decision. Now, if the book had been
called, “Are you there God? And, I Mean That as a Rhetorical Question
Because I Know You Are There God. It’s Me, Margaret” then we wouldn’t
have had a problem.

Floating text: On Global Warming…

Gina Gershon: I think global warming is PS. Polar bear shit. Every day
I open my door in Anchorage and it is freezing. End of experiment.

Floating Text: On John McCain…

Gina Gershon: He met with me for only fifteen minutes and then spent
another two hours with me and that was it. I was his choice. That’s
exactly the kind of decision making we need in the White House. Now, If
you’ll excuse me…

Gershon stands up from chair and rips off her dress to reveal a flag
motif bikini and a ribbon with the words Vice President hung across he
torso. A shotgun is handed to her and she pumps it. Cat scratch feve
plays in the background.

Gina Gershon: I’ve got some hunting to do.

Gershon fires off shotgun.

Gina Gershon (looking off screen): Oh, she was a beaut!

Announcer: Sarah Palin. If she shoots you in the face, it’s because she was aiming for it.