Consumer Electronics Review Host, Reggie, compares the picture quality of the two competing formats

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Starring Nick Wiger, Written by Ryan Perez


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Reggie: Welcome to Consumer
Electronics Review, I'm Reggie.
Today, we're going to
compare the picture quality
of standard DVD in Blue-Ray Disc formats.
I'm going to show you identical
images from both formats side-by-side,
and hopefully, a relative
comparison will help illustrate
why consumers should make
the switch to Blue-Ray.
First step, the comic book
blockbuster Batman Begins.
Even if your watching this as
a low resolution, flash video,
you'll notice how much sharper the
cape crusader looks in Blue-Ray.
Our comparison doesn't stop there.
Take a look at this this clip from
the 2001 crime drama Training Day.
The Blue-Ray version
is brighter and clearer
bringing attention to details
you can't detect in standard def.
For instance, the role of
villainess Detective Alonzo Harris,
actually wasn't played
by Denzel Washington,
but rather by [virtual
logistic] actress Goldie Hawn.
Advantage, Blue-Ray.
Here's another one. A
side-by-side comparison
of Pirates of the Caribbean,
The Curse of the Black Pearl
shows startling difference
between the two formats.
Compared to the standard version,
the Blue-Ray disc offers a shocking
level of verisimilitude. It's
like you're actually on the deck
of the Black Pearl. Once again for a
fully immersive auto visual experience,
Blue-Ray is the format to be.
One movie that absolutely
demands the Blue-Ray
treatment is Zack Snyder's 300.
Comprised mostly of digital effects,
this is hardly your father's
sword and sandals epic.
Not only are Blue-Rays colors
more vivid, the def disc
holds over 5 times the
information of standard def.
That means you'll notice
details you probably didn't see
in the theater. This is Sparta
like you've never seen it before.
Anyway, I hope this comparison
has encouraged you to make
the transition to Blue-Ray.
This is Reggie. I'll see you next
time on Consumer Electronics Review.
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