A square dance caller struggles with the modern politics of gender and sexual identity - but the dance must go on!

Full Credits

Written by: Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman
Directed by: Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
Producers: Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman, Alexander
Harrison Jacobs
Associate Producer: Marsian De Lillis
Caller, Bartender: Charlie Stockman
Stephen, Bartender: Chuck Armstrong
Puppetteers: Nicolette Santino, Alex Griffin, Marsian De Lellis, Adrian Rose Leonard, Moira Lael Macdonald, Puppet Coordinator: Jess McKay
Puppet Fabricators: Ezra Bartsch (Brother Puppet), Roberto Ferreira (Rent-a-Puppet)
DP: Bryan Koss
Production Designer: Gina Devivo
Camera Operator: Herrera Orlando
1st AC: Nicole Crivlare
Gaffer: Phil Jackson
Key Grip: Grayson Venters
Script Supervisor: Hannah Driscoll
Playback: Jake Breslauer
Editor: Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Sound Mixer: Alex Lee
Colorist: Philips Shum

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[ indistinct chatter ]
♪ ♪
Thanks Steven.
Appreciate it buddy.
You are ahead of
me on this stuff.
That is for sure.
Thanks Steven.
I did not know.
Appreciate it.
- [ whispering ]
- Really?
Right, right, right, right, right.
- [ music stops ]
- You know what?
Never mind. Let's not get into that.
- What is it now?
- [ whispering ]
Ahh. Yep.
Okay. Yep.
Thank you.
Ah jeez,
what is it now Steven?
[ whispering ]
Yeah, that's a good point.
I mean, maybe they have souls, yeah.
I mean, that makes
sense if they're self-aware.
Let's do this.
I'm a remnant of
the antiquated age.
Thanks Steven.
We're all having
a lot of fun tonight,
because of you.