Are you ready to get punched in the face with fitness? Then step into the fires of the Ab Lab, with the Absmith and prepare to be Abdominated.

In the grand tradition of all celtic loggers who have gone before us, we bring you the Irish Lumberjack.

It is widely known that the irish have an amazing sense of balance, emotional and physical, in every area of their lives. Work, play, forestry, etc.

Imagine having to stand on those craggy hillsides in the old country, and saw tree-flesh.

One could only surmise that your balance would be pretty good as well.

Bring this knowledge with you to the gym next time, and impress all your friends.

Stand on one leg, knee slightly bent for assistance in balancing and to keep the impact off of your knee joint, and then perform a dumbbell row.

Feel free to begin with one foot off of the floor to get used to balancing and gradually work your way towards having that leg fully extended and having your torso parallel to the floor, almost as if you were making a 'T' with your stance.

Don't be surprised if they see you performing this exercise and then say, "Hey, I didn't know you were Irish!"