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Full Credits

Staring - Rivers Cuomo, Rainn Wilson and Tim Kalpakis
Written by Tim Kalpakis
Directed by Jeff Dutton
Director of Photography - Brian Lane
Camera Operators - Aaron Ulrich, Ray Lee and Zachary Zdziebko
Gaffer -Matt Sweeney
Production Designer - Heather Drouillard
Art Director - Darrel D'Itri
Wardrobe Stylist - Michelle Thompson
Make Up Artist - Brenna Haukedahl
Sound Mixer - Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Production Assistants - Alec Khan and Edgar Castillo
VFX - Andy Maxwell
Editor - Jeff Dutton
Producer - Sean Boyle
Special Thanks - Brendan Walter and Nadine Pena


♪ ♪
Whoo hoo. Yeah.
Rainn: It was for sale on their website.
The Weezer Experience Bundle.
♪ ♪
Rainn: For $25,000 dollars you get,
a signed copy of their new album,
concert tickets,
a Greyhound bus ride to the
Galápagos Islands with Rivers Cuomo,
bird watching, catamaran ride...
I didn't even know you could
take a bus to the Galápagos.
Maybe they thought no one
was going to buy it, but
I bought it.
It's only $25 grand.
♪ ♪
-Ooh man. Rivers.
-How's it going?
You know what's so crazy?
Is your name is Rivers and
my name is Rainn,
and they're both such watery names.
I mean it's like, what's next?
We're gonna meet some kid named Lakey Boy?
Yeah um, we didn't think anyone
was going to buy that package--
Yeah well, I did. So...
-It is, real?
-Yeah. Let's get going.
Okay. [grunts]
♪ ♪
[clears throat] Welcome to the
Weezer Experience: Trip to the Galápagos.
I'm your tour guide Rivers Cuomo.
Thank you for boarding the bus safely.
[mechanical whirring]
Now, let's get this trip underway.
[mechanical whirring]
We start in the beautiful
United States of America.
Did you know that the capital of the United
States is none other than Washington, D.C.?
Rainn: About five minutes
into the cruise, I'm thinking...
something's up here.
And off we go.
And here we are.
The Islas Galápagos.
Oh look,
here comes goes a
Galápagos tortoise right now.
Uh, smell that old tortoise smell.
Slow and steady wins the race they say.
Something is not right here.
I just can't put my finger on it.
Say, look over there.
It's a blue-footed booby.
Flap, flap, flap.
This guy loves to fly.
The crab fences are down?
You gotta be kidding me.
Whoo! We landed on the
back of a waved albatross.
What a relief folks.
The Greyhound bus weighs what, 18 tons.
And smell that old bird smell.
[softly] Same smell.
Wow... the bumphead parrotfish.
The bumped parrotfish
was a crab in disguise?
He's gone.
Thank you Lakey boy.
The Great Equator Spell has been lifted!
I knew the Trident of Galápagos
would do the trick.
And that concludes the Weezer Experience:
Trip to the Galápagos.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that
was a fake bus trip.
Yeah, it was.
What about the fact that we
both have watery names?
That's cool right?
Yeah. Yeah, that's cool.
That's way cool, our watery names!
Alright, later watery bro.
-Alright. Whoo!
♪ ♪