Are you suffering from crippling happiness like Mac Miller? Then you may need DreadLexa, the world's first depressant for rappers!

Full Credits

Mac Miller - HIMSELF
Lawrence Curry - HYPE MAN
V.O. - Sarah Claspell
D.P. - Matt Sweeney
1st AC - Steve Kan
GAFFER - Jenn Cohen
KEY GRIP - Joe Jackson
SWING/PA - Alexander Gracie
KEY MAKE UP - Courtney Mitchell
SOUND MIXER - Danny Carpenter
PROD. COORDINATOR - Kandice Martellaro
PA - Allen Marshall
PA - Diego Garcia
PA (Intern) - Pat Moon
DOG - Chauncey


Mac Miller: Came out of nowhere,
and suddenly the veil of
Mac Miller: the depression I was
living under was lifted.
Mac Miller: Whatever I did, I felt hopeful,
and enjoyed the things I've always loved.
Mac Miller: It was devastating...
Mac Miller: for my career that is.
Mac Miller: As an artist, depression and anxiety
are apart of my creative process.
Mac Miller: So when I found myself suffering
from chronic happiness and contentment,
Mac Miller: I knew I needed
to do something.
♪ Everything's falling
like a Slinky
♪ I'm always going to
be there like a Twinkie
♪ I end every promise
with my pinky
Mac Miller: Why my raps
so soft man?
Mac Miller: I needed DreadLexa.
Sarah Claspell: [female in voiceover]
DreadLexa is the first prescription
depressant created for musicians
Sarah Claspell: designed to drag you back
into that dark creative space
Sarah Claspell: you fear and need to create
music people respect.
Mac Miller: Sure, I have a crippling fear
that I'm worthless and nobody loves me,
Mac Miller: and I'll probably
die alone,
Mac Miller: but more importantly,
my music's great.
Sarah Claspell: [female in voiceover]
Using a formula of bad drugs
bought off of sketchy dudes
Sarah Claspell: with too many pit bulls,
DredLexa works by inhibiting
dopamine receptors,
Sarah Claspell: keeping you depressed and prolific,
just the way you like it.
Mac Miller: I was worried that my newfound
happiness would never end.
Mac Miller: But now with a simple pill,
I can get back to isolating
people I love,
Mac Miller: and rapping about
my insecurities.
Sarah Claspell: [female in voiceover]
DreadLexa works best if taken with
alcohol after Googling yourself.
Sarah Claspell: Side effects include narcissistic
delusions quickly followed by
a wave of self-doubt.
Mac Miller: [Mac] I don't care
if I live or die.
Mac Miller: All I care about is impressing
other people with my music.
♪ Come swim in
my darkness pool
Mac Miller: How'd that sound?
Lawrence Curry: Yo Mac, that's some
messed up [bleep].
Lawrence Curry: This album's going
to be real as [bleep].
Sarah Claspell: [female in voiceover]
If used to frequently
Sarah Claspell: DreadLexa can bring
joy due to the banger tracks
you're producing.
Sarah Claspell: If this happens, consult childhood
photos to remind yourself of the
Sarah Claspell: true happiness
you've lost.
Sarah Claspell: DreadLexa, because sad
music is better music.
♪ I have a crippling
fear that I'm worthless.
Mac Miller: [Bleep] Malcolm!
Mac Miller: Do the lines like they wrote it!
You piece of [bleep]!
Mac Miller: God!