Do you suffer from F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out)? The prescription medication NOMO FOMO can help.

Full Credits

Writer, Director & Producer: Ricky Sans
Cinematographer, Editor & Animation: Ed Spangler
Graphics: Justin Jones
Special Thanks: Sergio Cilli and Adam McCabe
FOMO Victim #1: Peter Murphy
FOMO Victim #2: Laurie Len Magers
FOMO Victim #3: Tim Stafford
FOMO Victim #4: Connie Shin
Peer Pressure Victim: Ricky Sans
Internet Addiction Victim: Deanna Russo
Text Driving Victim: Lisa Kowalski
Instagram Victim: Wayland McQueen
Suicidal Man: Sergio Cilli
Suicidal Mans' Friend: Jacob Reed
Voice Over: Victoria Hoffman
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