Love is complicated when you're an overly sensitive vampire in love.
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Starring Brandon T. Jackson, Eve and Ben Lyons
Written and Directed by Chad Carter
Cinematography by Antonio Scarlata
Edited by Matt Villine
Creative Consultant: Dominick Blackwell Cooper
Hair and Makeup by Shauna O'Toole
Special Thanks to MAC
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Published: February 08, 2010
The video opens with the following text – ENTERTAINMENT RIGHT NOW WITH
BEN LYONS. The shot cuts to Ben Lyons.

Ben Lyons: What's up, guys? Ben Lyons here, joined with the star, the
writer, the producer, the director of Dark Moon: Brandon T. Jackson.

Ben Lyons reaches out his hand.

Ben Lyons: What's up, man? Thanks so much for spending some time.

The shot cut to Brandon T. Jackson, who looks extremely un-enthused to
be there. He shakes Ben Lyon's hand.

Ben Lyons: Tell me a little bit about Dark Moon.

Brandon T. Jackson: It's a movie about untold stories of
African-American vampires.

The shot cuts to a shot of Brandon T. Jackson and Eve in a clip from
Dark Moon.

Brandon T. Jackson: You're my life now Becka. I'll never leave you.

Eve: I know what you are.

Brandon T. Jackson: I know, you know. So say it. What am I?

Eve: You''re sensitive.

Brandon T. Jackson makes several emotional faces. The shot cuts back to
Ben Lyons and Brandon T Jackson.

Ben Lyons: Well the fans have been waiting for this one for a long time.
The fans are also saying that they see comparisons between your
character, Eddie, and Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson in the
Twilight films. Do you see the comparison?

Brandon T. Jackson looks annoyed by the question and sighs dramatically
several times.

Brandon T. Jackson: Eddie is not Edward, okay? It's two different

The shot cuts back to a clip of Brandon T. Jackson and Eve.

Brandon T. Jackson: Are you chilly?

Eve: I'm fine.

Brandon T. Jackson: Because, I can give you my scarfy.

Eve: I'm good.

Brandon T. Jackson: Are you hungry? Because I think I've got some apple

Eve: Eddie, I'm cool.

Brandon T. Jackson: How's your pH balances? Because mine are little...

Eve puts a finger up to Brandon T. Jackson's lips.

Eve: Shhhh.

The shot cuts back to Ben Lyons, who is now joined by Eve.

Ben Lyons: Eve always great to see you. Now you're playing Becka. What
can you tell me about your character?

Eve: Um...well, Becka is in love with Eddie, even though she knows it's

Ben Lyons: Because he's a vampire?

Eve: No, because he cries more than any other man she's ever met.

Ben Lyons: Really?

Eve: Basically.

Ben Lyons: But women like that sort of sensitive side to him, don't you

Eve hesitates for moment.

Eve: Yeah, maybe.

The shot cuts to Brandon T. Jackson up in a tree, looking down at Eve. A
montage of extremely short clips of Brandon T. Jackson speaking follow.

Brandon T. Jackson: Get away! You don't know how sensitive I am. A bath
without bubble is a sin. I see you. I'm designed to love. I'm not gay!

The shot cuts back to Ben Lyons, joined again by Brandon T. Jackson.

Ben Lyons: Talk to me a little bit about the music in the film here. A
great soundtrack for Dark Moon.

Brandon T. Jackson: Look, you think African-American vampire, you think

The shot cuts to Brandon T. Jackson and Eve stretched out on the ground
together. A radio nearby plays Morrissey's song The More You Ignore Me,
The Closer I Get. While Eve looks normal, Brandon T. Jackson is giving
off a sickly, yellow-green shine.

Brandon T. Jackson: Isn't this beautiful?

Eve: You need to get it together.

The shot cuts back to Ben Lyons and Brandon T. Jackson.

Ben Lyons: Do you think the film is too sensitive, because nobody dies
in this movie. Kind of strange for a vampire movie.

Brandon T. Jackson: The vampires use their powers to do sensitive things
for girls, like pick up heavy things and make super fast trips to the
store to get their pads.

Ben Lyons: So what's next for you? What are you going to work on after

Brandon T. Jackson: A movie called Katrina.

Ben Lyons: Really?

Brandon T. Jackson: Yeah.

Ben Lyons: When do you plan to go down to New Orleans to start

Brandon T. Jackson: Now, why would I go to New Orleans for this?

Ben Lyons: The movie is called Katrina.

Brandon T. Jackson: The movie is about a girl named Katrina. We go
antiquing together. We sew together. We listen to music together. We lay
in the sand and play the guitar.

Ben Lyons: Yeah, it's always fun to sit down with you.

Brandon T. Jackson: Such a pleasure to meet you.

Ben Lyons holds out to his hand again, but Brandon T. Jackson cannot get
it together enough to shake hands.

Ben Lyons: Thanks you so much for spending some time.

Ben Lyons gives the camera a put upon look and then gives a thumbs up.

The shot cuts to the following text: ENTERTAINMENT RIGHT NOW WITH BEN
LYONS. The shot cuts to black.