Finally, the Breaking Bad finale reveals what happens to Saul's assistant, Huell in "Huell's Rules".

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Starring: Lavell Crawford
Also Featuring: Nicole Byer, Carl Tart, & Destiny Armani
Written and Directed by: Andy Bush
Produced by: Matt Mazany and Ross Buran
DP: Kevin Stewart
B Cam Op: Ray Lee
C Cam Op: Christian Armada
Gaffer: Adam Lee
Swing Grip: Aaron Dowell
Sound: Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
MUA: Jen Osborne
Wardrobe: Kelly Walker
Art Designer: Tricia Robertson
Art Director: Justin Wilmott
PA: John McKay


Narrator: Breaking Bad,
winner of 10 Emmy awards
Narrator: has come
to a close.
But the story's
not over.
Because Huell's back, and
he's still stuck at that
safe house.
Lavell Crawford: Where is this
cop Hank at?
Lavell Crawford: I got a
massage at 3.
[audience laughter]
Narrator: Vince Gilliagan's
Huell's Rules.
Now that his family his
family has come to stay,
Huell's going to have to
make his safe house into a
safe home.
Nicole Byer: Oh baby, why can't we order
pineapple like I like?
Lavell Crawford: Does this look like a
fruit salad to you?
Narrator: Huell Babineaux
is back, but now he's
got a family of Babineaux's
to deal with.
Lavell Crawford: Come on girl.
I gotta go.
Lavell Crawford: This pizza has turned
into a Hot Pocket, and it's
Lavell Crawford: ready to shoot out
like a rocket.
Lavell Crawford: Huell rules.
Narrator: You gotta
babi-know the rules.
Carl Tart: Man, this thing only
has 3 channels.
Lavell Crawford: Well follow what
your brain says.
Lavell Crawford: Huell rules.
Lavell Crawford: Huell rules, baby.
Narrator: It's a
laugh riot.
Nicole Byer: Oh baby, I forgot to tell
you. My mom's coming
Nicole Byer: for a couple of months, and
she's going to stay with us.
Lavell Crawford: What?
Lavell Crawford: Where should I
put my bags?
Lavell Crawford: Oh man that's just great.
I'd rather get
Lavell Crawford: shot in the head, buried in
the desert, with cheryl barrel's
Lavell Crawford: of money. You don't
rule a thing.
Nicole Byer: Baby they cut off the
electricity, and there's no
Nicole Byer: food in the refrigerator.
Lavell Crawford: Listen. When I asked ya'll
to move in with me
Lavell Crawford: to protect ya'll from
Heisenberg, I knew it
Lavell Crawford: was going to be tough on
us. As long as we're together
Lavell Crawford: and we have love that's
all you need in this world.
Lavell Crawford: You know.
We all right.
Carl Tart: Dad, the TV won't
even turn on now.
Lavell Crawford: Boy, I'm a Heisenberg
your ass.
Lavell Crawford: I can't believe you...
[studio laughter]
Lavell Crawford: I'mma kill you boy.
I'mma kill you.
Lavell Crawford: I can't believe you
messed the only
Lavell Crawford: TV in the safe house.
We ain't got nothing else to
Lavell Crawford: listen to or watch. I'm
kill you. Huell rules.
Narrator: Vince Gilligan's
Huell's Rules.
Now we're funny.
Lavell Crawford: Huell rules.