The new office 3D printer is meant for business use only.

Full Credits

Featuring: Echo Kellum, Lauren Lapkus, Joe Hartzler, Emily Maya Mills, Ryan Stanger & Charles Ingram
Writer/Director/Editor - Nick Wiger
VFX - Andy Maxwell, Chris Poole, and Caleb Swyers
Producer: Matt Mazany
DP: Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer: David Cronin
Cam Op: Ricky Fosheim
Prod. Designer: Tricia Robertson
Art Director: Mike Robertson
Sound: Adam Douglass for BoTown Sound
Hair/MU: Chris Mills
Hair/MU Asst: Leigh Schwartz
PA: Becca Scheuer

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July 08, 2013


Echo Kellum: Good morning
Mr. Davies.
Ryan Stanger: Hey Brent.
How are you?
Ryan Stanger: I'm pretty good.
Ryan Stanger: Did you check out
the new 3D printer?
Echo Kellum: Oh wow.
Ryan Stanger: Yeah, I just had the guys
over in IT install it.
Ryan Stanger: It's pretty cool.
Ryan Stanger: Keep in mind, it's for
business use only.
Echo Kellum: Yes sir. Of course.
Ryan Stanger: Okay.
Lauren Lapkus: Hey.
Echo Kellum: Hey Linda.
Lauren Lapkus: Hey, do you want to
D print something?
Echo Kellum: I don't know. The boss
just said that it's for
Echo Kellum: business use only, so.
Lauren Lapkus: Yeah but, come on.
Echo Kellum: Alright, you talked
me into it.
Echo Kellum: What should we print?
Lauren Lapkus: Well, let's see.
Lauren Lapkus: Ooh, coffee mug.
Echo Kellum: Wow.
Echo Kellum: That's really something.
Lauren Lapkus: Oh my God.
Lauren Lapkus: Konnichiwa.
Echo Kellum: Konnichiwa.
Joe Hartzler: That thing print shoes?
Echo Kellum: Oh, wow.
Echo Kellum: Now we have to print out
some Teenage Mutant Ninja
Echo Kellum: Turtles action figures.
Emily Maya Mills: Print out one of those M. C. Escher
designs. They're impossible
Emily Maya Mills: to create.
Joe Hartzler: Oh, print me a new liver.
Joe Hartzler: Oh, I'm an alcoholic,
really bad.
Emily Maya Mills: Why don't we just
print out another 3D printer?
Joe Hartzler: Alright, lets hook this the fuck up.
Let's print some more.
Lauren Lapkus: I know.
Emily Maya Mills: Too many things.
Emily Maya Mills: We printed too
many things.
Emily Maya Mills: Lets print a truck, and
load it up, and run away.
Lauren Lapkus: I never want to
leave this room.
Emily Maya Mills: Me either.
Lauren Lapkus: I'm going to ask you
if you're my mom.
Lauren Lapkus: Just say you're
my mom, okay.
Lauren Lapkus: Are you my mom?
Emily Maya Mills: Yes.
Emily Maya Mills: Yes.
Joe Hartzler: Lets print a
fucking gun.
[music stops]
Echo Kellum: I don't know guys.
Joe Hartzler: Come on.
Echo Kellum: Okay, you talked
me into it.
Joe Hartzler: Yes.
Ryan Stanger: Jesus H. Christ.
Ryan Stanger: They're horsing around
with the 3D printer.
Lauren Lapkus: I'm Manny fucking
[gun shot]
Lauren Lapkus: We need to print a
shovel and burry his body.
Lauren Lapkus: Guys, guys, hey.
We have a 3D printer.
Ryan Stanger: Somebody kill me.
Ryan Stanger: Kill me please!
Ryan Stanger: Kill me!
Emily Maya Mills: No! Noo!
Ryan Stanger: [inaudible]
[gun shot]
Lauren Lapkus: What are we
going to Brent?
Lauren Lapkus: Brent!
Echo Kellum: Oh, I must've
dosed off.
Echo Kellum: I had the
weirdest dream.
Echo Kellum: The office got a 3D printer,
and everyone went crazy.
Lauren Lapkus: That's ridiculous.
There's no such thing as 3D.
Lauren Lapkus: Lets go have
some lunch.
[mysterious music]
Hmm, 2D or not 2D.
That is the question.
Those characters sure
had a lot of dimension.
The moral of that story
was plane to see.
Plane, like a
2D plane.
These are puns,
you see.
Anyway, see you next time
on stories from the tomb.
[wicked laughter]