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Published September 12, 2009

They tell me that I'm a dog, and so, I'm supposed to love peanut butter. Yet I have no interest in butter, peanut or otherwise.

I also don't care for peanut butter, but let me know why you don't like it 0as I'm so incredibly fucking fascinated by the tales you spin of your various likes and dislikes.

Okay. You see, to me, peanuts taste like unwashed anus.

But being a dog, don't you like a disgusting anal taste?

Yes. But not in butter form.

That's too bad for you. But Can I ask a question?

Make it snappy, fuckface.

Fine. Why does your breath always smell like Peanut butter if you hate the taste?

Well, my owner slathers her vaginal opening with it. And while I despise the taste of peanut butter, I fucking love the taste of pussy.

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