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Featuring James Davis as Barack Obama
Entourage: Skillz Hudson, Yessir, Donovan Dubb
Reporter: Tim Banning
Secret service guys: Dion Lack and Mark Harley
TI: Les Bacon
Produced by Anna Wenger
Directed by Martin Usher and James Davis
DP Liam White
Camera Operator Elliot Dickerhoof
Editor Liam White

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May 08, 2011


James Davis: Seriously Tim, anybody
flying planes into the
James Davis: World Trade Center, talking
reckless about Michelle's
James Davis: arms, o-or talking that
birth certificate bullshit,
James Davis: it's dead B. I mean,
what's a goon to a goblin.
James Davis: I'm the goblin. I'm not a
killer, but don't push me.
James Davis: You ready Tim?
Tim Banning: Uh, yes.
[clears throat]
[clock ticking]
Tim Banning: Mr. President, you're
coming off an impressive
Tim Banning: week. You were hilarious
at the correspondence dinner.
James Davis: Thank you.
Tim Banning: And then the next day,
you ordered the attack
Tim Banning: to kill Obama...
What the [bleep]?
Tim Banning: No. Osama.
Did I say Obama?
James Davis: Hey-hey. Tim, don't
play that bullshit.
James Davis: Don't run that Fox News
bullshit on me, okay.
Tim Banning: Osama Bin Laden.
I can say it.
James Davis: Ssss. Not Bah.
Tim Banning: Can you tell me how things
transpired leading up to the attack.
James Davis: I was at the White House
getting that money when
James Davis: my military connect hit
me with a direct message on
James Davis: Twitter letting me know
that they identified
James Davis: the whereabouts of
Osama Bin Laden.
James Davis: It was at that point that
I gave out the executive
James Davis: order to lay that murder
game down, B.
James Davis: Don't even read him his
rights. Run through the
James Davis: door, and start blasting.
No questions ask.
James Davis: Change.
Tim Banning: Then what did you do?
James Davis: At that point, I informed
Michelle, she
James Davis: called the barber. Had him
come through for a fresh
James Davis: edge up, make sure my
geometry was on point
James Davis: for the cameras. Popped
a couple of bottles of Rosé.
James Davis: Talked to the people.
Gave a speech, and let them
James Davis: know how we do on the
west side of the Atlantic.
James Davis: Change.
Tim Banning: What do you say to your
skeptics? There are some
Tim Banning: who are demanding
to see the body.
James Davis: Let me be clear, Osama Bin
Laden is a wrap B.
James Davis: It's over. Okay?
James Davis: The last thing I said to
my military connect on
James Davis: Twitter was this: "Lay the
murder game down B. Body
James Davis: that nigga, and bring the
body back. Don't come
James Davis: back with no body."
Tim Banning: You're saying you have the
body of Osama Bin Laden.
James Davis: In the trunk.
Tim Banning: You have the body of Osama
Bin Laden in the
Tim Banning: trunk of your, limousine.
James Davis: Osama Bin Laden's dead body
is in the trunk of the
James Davis: [bleep] limousine.
James Davis: You smell that? That's
not Old Spice.
James Davis: What you're smelling is a new
fragrance entitled Corpse
James Davis: by Osama.
Tim Banning: Mr. President, what is next
for you in the coming days?
James Davis: Uh, Tim I'm glad
you asked that.
James Davis: First plan of action, make
McDonald's breakfast
James Davis: all day.
Dion Lack: Hell yeah.
James Davis: I mean, what's so
special about those
James Davis: biscuits that it has
to end at 10:30?
James Davis: I mean there's an old lady
in Idaho who works from
James Davis: 7 to 5, and maybe she can't
get her Sausage Egg McMuffin,
James Davis: but I charge you the next
times she comes, and she
James Davis: asks at McDonalds can you
serve me breakfast.
James Davis: They're going to tell
her, "Yes, we can."
Tim Banning: That's a ridiculous
use of power.
James Davis: One more thing, I also
free'd T.I. today.
Ooh shit!
James Davis: James: Grand Hustle.
Tim Banning: You pardoned T.I..
James Davis: He was in prison bars
hours ago. Did that.
James Davis: You know why? Because I'm
the head of the mother
James Davis: [bleep] state.
Tim Banning: Any last words?
James Davis: Gaddafi, I'm coming
for that ass.
James Davis: I run the military if
you want that beef.
James Davis: And Tim, I have a
new single out.
James Davis: The people need to get
ready for the video.
James Davis: Because it's about
to be ba-nanas.
Tim Banning: Can we hear a little
James Davis: Sure. Sure.
James Davis: Oh.
♪ Run the military nigga ♪
♪ Run the military nigga ♪
♪ If you want that beef ♪