It’s 4/20 so Toni Charline and Nicole Byer smoked some medical-grade cannabis and decided it was high time to fry up funnel cakes.

Full Credits

Maureen Bharoocha - Director
Clay Larsen - Camera Operator/Editor
Ryan Moulton - Camera Operator
Justin Arbabi - Sound


Toni Charline: Hi, my name is Toni Charline,
and welcome to Munchies.
Toni Charline: Today's guest is Nicole Byer.
Toni Charline: Today, we're going to be
getting high, and then making
Toni Charline: our favorite munchie.
Whatever that may be.
Toni Charline: If you want to pick
your poison here.
Toni Charline: We have Michael Phelps.
Nicole Byer: King Breed.
Toni: Black...
Nicole: This is Sativa.
Toni Charline: And we have Green Crack,
which I am very excited by.
Nicole Byer: Let's smoke Green Crack?
Nicole Byer: ♪ Green Crack ♪
♪ [music] ♪
Nicole Byer: In high school we used to
deep fry things that we found
Nicole Byer: at my friend
Nick's house.
Toni Charline: And he had a deep fryer?
Oh my God.
Nicole Byer: He had a deep fryer
in his counter top.
Nicole Byer: We should've made funnel cakes.
Like coming to think of it.
Toni Charline: Oh, what is that?
Nicole Byer: I think we should try to
make a funnel cake.
Toni Charline: Google what it is.
♪ [music] ♪
Nicole Byer: We would just find things
come to us, and I find
Nicole Byer: this so hard.
Nicole Byer: What if we put it
upside down?
Toni Charline: Oh. And on to...okay.
Nicole Byer: Huh.
Toni Charline: Yes.
Nicole Byer: Yes.
Nicole Byer: I'm a problem solver.
Toni Charline: Obstacle after obstacle.
Toni Charline: This is so baffling.
Nicole Byer: This is the hardest
thing in America.
♪ [music] ♪
Toni Charline: Oh, we probably
can't do that.
♪ [music] ♪
[they're both giggling]
Toni Charline: Oh there.
Nicole Byer: Hi!
Toni Charline: I feel like we're hauling
ass right now.
Nicole Byer: Are we going
to fill this up?
Nicole Byer: Oh yeah, we should...
Multiple Speakers: Fill this up.
Nicole Byer: Oh my God, this is so much.
Nicole Byer: Oh my God.
Nicole Byer: I'm not good at cracking eggs open.
I eat shells constantly.
♪ [music] ♪
Toni Charline: Am I doing it...
oh boy.
Toni Charline: Uh-oh.
Nicole Byer: Do you have a
measuring device?
Toni Charline: Yeah, I was just
thinking about that.
Toni Charline: What are...?
Toni Charline: We have all the
ingredients right?
Nicole Byer: No, do you have
like a little thing,
Nicole Byer: a little uh, spoon
to measure things?
Nicole Byer: Like a table spoon.
Toni Charline: Ooh.
Nicole Byer: Oh man. I was just like
a tiny measurer.
Nicole Byer: One quarter a cup, and
there's 30 servings in this.
Nicole Byer: How many cups
are in this?
Toni Charline: Is this a test or
a measurement?
Nicole Byer: So wait, there's
four quarters in a cup.
Nicole Byer: Four...
[they are laughing]
Nicole Byer: Why don't you just
scoop it out?
[she snorts and laughs]
Nicole Byer: Oh no.
Oh, it's bubbling.
Nicole Byer: It smells good.
Nicole Byer: Ooh.
Nicole Byer: I don't know.
I don't know.
Nicole Byer: I don't think I made
a funnel cake.
Toni Charline: Do you want this?
Nicole Byer: Yes.
Nicole Byer: It looks terrible.
It's not healing.
Toni Charline: Yeah-yeah, we got it.
Nicole Byer: Put it right back in.
Nicole Byer: Hey.
♪ [music] ♪
Toni Charline: Alright, so we did it.
We're done,
Toni Charline: and we got two great
plates of nibblers.
Nicole Byer: Oh hey.
Toni Charline: Yeah?
Nicole Byer: Mm-hmm.
Toni Charline: I like it.
Toni Charline: I mean, I might be
stoned, but I like it.
Toni Charline: But that's it guys.
Toni Charline: Thank you so much
for tuning in,
Toni Charline: and send us some
pics if you make this.
Toni Charline: I don't know where
to send it too.