no more puppy... no more mom... no more dad... no more tobygames... and no more... more »
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Published: March 28, 2013
toby turner :
hey MP. how are you today. this is has
today this november. you toby turner and
gabuscus. you trans gender this late night.

doctor trans gender :
hey tobuscus and gabuscus. toby turne
starting this at the hospital. you change
this trans gender has female to changes a
voice toby turner not again. late night. in
starting time 10pm. you start to trans gender.

nurse trans gender :
okay. late night time 10pm. you toby
turner and the team trans gender. you
this has to beautiful girls has go to the
prom night. has only 8 days. good luck.


toby girls :
wow. this has no more toby turner.
horay. that this you meet gabuscus.
where do you toby turner at the home?

gabuscus :
hey toby turner. my this changes voice and
changes sex. you that no more toby turne
has where do no more puppy and no more mom.

toby girls :
i hate you this toby turner nothing!.

narrator :
this toby turner was changes trans gende
and then. no more toby turner has to mom
toby turner has get out mombuscus and in
starting 15th november 2013. let's begin.
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