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June 08, 2015


Mike Scollins: Hey, it's Mike for Funny or Die News. I am here at Randall's Island
at Governors Ball answering all the questions this year's performers
are sick of answering themselves.
(music plays)
Alright, I'm here with Death From Above 1979. What is one question that you're sick of
answering that I can answer for you?

> What are you up to next? What's happening after this?

> What does the future hold? A lengthy and painful divorce, and hopefully
hanging out with you guys.

> Benjamin, what question can I answer for you that you're sick of answering

> What do you like about playing festivals?

> I like seeing drunk girls crying, because they can't find their friends.

> What are your main inspirations?

> The Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding scandal from '92, and parents
that discipline other people's children.

> What does your name mean?

> My mom says lamb of god. My dad says little bitch.

> What is a band?

> It's a group of dudes that didn't go to college.
(dance music plays)
Honestly, this is kind of annoying trying to answer all of these questions.
(dance music plays)
I'm here outside of DIIV's dressing room.

> When you were arrested how did that feel?

> I believe you are confusing me with my stepfather Bill.
I get where they're coming from now, and I get why these questions suck.
I am here with St. Vincent. St. Vincent, what is one question you are
sick of answering that I can answer for you?

> What is it like being a woman in the music industry?

> It's the best. It's the white men that really have it tough.

> Who else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

> Lots of people. Unfortunately I got press obligations.
This is one festival of many. It's not like they're going to answer
this question and be like, "Oh, at least I don't have to answer that at Bonnaroo."
Like fucking yeah you do.

> What's it like being in a two-piece?

> At first you feel a little bit self conscious, because you're whole
midriff is exposed, but at some point, you've got to love your body, and do it.

> What's so special about Sweden, and the Swedish music scene?

> I will tell you guys about this nice little show on Broadway right now, it's
called Mamma Mia. It's got the music of Aba. You guys check them out. I promise you'll love them.
J. Roddy Walston and The Business.

> How disappointed is your mother?

> My mother is not disappointed at all. When I was born she said I hope he
works for Funny or Die.
(he's sobbing right now)
I hate this.
I'm here with Wierd Al.

> How about where do you get your crazy ideas?

> Light some candles, take a warm bath, and let the ideas bubble right up.

> I'm black and white, but people will...they say, "What's it like being
a white rapper?"

> It's great, because you got immediate respect. Immediate!
You don't have to prove anything.

> Are you sick of each other yet?

> Are we sick of each other...no,
we've been shooting since Friday. We're not sick of each other yet. Are we Matt?
Rudimental, what question can I answer for you guys that you are you sick of
answering yourselves?

> Who are you hoping to see today at the festival?

> My birth father would be awesome.

> That tickled him, boy.

> For a minute I was like maybe
I will be a musician too, because this seems pretty cool, but honestly
I don't even know if I could handle it.

> Have you had any really crazy fan encounters?

> Yes, one time I followed Mandy More all the way home from the mall.
Oh, you mean when I was not the fan. Oh, ooh.
Never, no, I don't have fans.
Well that's the thing, they choose a question
it's like, who's your greatest influence, who's your greatest influence...
And it's like they answer for all of us. Michelle Obama.
Alright, I'm here with Noel Gallagher. Noel, what is one question you're sick
of being asked that I can answer for you?

> Is it true that your penis is the size of your wallet?

> Fortunately yeah, it is.

> What's it like being the only guy hanging out with a bunch of women?

> I promise you I'll never, ever find out, but it sounds ok. Anything else?

> No.

> What was the moment that you
knew that this is what you wanted to do?

> To work at Funny or Die...hopefully
soon you guys.
Streets of Laredo, what is one question I can answer for you that you are
sick of answering yourselves?

> If you get the chance to interview
the artist formally known as Bruce Jenner, what would you say?

> You get asked that question a lot?

> What's your favorite emoji?

> The poop that goes like that.

> That's actually mine.

> Holy shit.

> People always say that I have boy band good looks, and I'm just getting
tired of like, let's take it away from the body. Let's move it back to the music.

> I agree. I can relate for 2 reasons. 1, it's not really question, and 2
that's never been said of me, but for real you look good.

> Thank you. I'm not wearing a shirt.

> I can tell.
Neither of us are wearing shirts.
Alright, I'm Mike for Funny or Die News. It took all weekend, but I answered
every stupid question these artists have to answer.
You know what question no one ever asks?
Mike, how you doing?
Alright, I'll see you guys next year.