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Now all u haters STFU sayin’ I’m in Jap-Face. I am payin homage to Koreen roots wiff... more »
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Alright, I have held my tongue long enough
on this set of points
I'm fixin' to make.
Just- UH!
Lemme pose myself!
I'm Loretta Jenkins and I
like many of you
is sick to death of fuckin' Florida.
I mean wasn't it enough
that we got them to blame for GW?
And ergo 9/11?
And ergo the Iraq War?
And now this shitty economy…
Y'all know how shit can roll.
But now they gone too fuckin' far.
Not only did they give us
another Bush to worry about.
Go Hillary!
While Ol' Jeb was in office,
they done passed this law down there
called 'Stand Your Ground.'
Which apparently says White Folks
can just whip out a gun
and empty it into Brown Folks
just cause they feel threatened by them
I'm sorry I don't mean to get
all Nancy Grace up in this shit
but this shit gotta stop!
Used to be you couldn't go after nobody
if they's comin' at you
lessen they was comin' into your house.
Or if they on your property
you gotta get 'em and drag 'em inside
before the Po-Po get there.
Well if all you Gun Nuts
wanna take all your guns out in public,
then we need security cameras
over every single square inch
of this country!
Cause I'm tired of takin'
all your crazy damn words for it!
So you ain't gettin' away
with murderin' our youth no more!
Police can't even arrest nobody
what claims to be 'Standin They Ground'
so how's that work?
So you wantin' everybody
walking' around bow-legged
like we in the Ol' West times
with a trigger finger ready,
just waitin' for somebody to flinch
so you can put 'em down
like some defenseless dog?
I guess so!
I guess that's what we do now.
Damn, I should just go on back to Canada.
Y'all stress me out.
Recently, there has been these
whole slew of court cases
involving soulless sumbitches
takin' out they race hate
on people of colors.
And the poster child for this-
You know Trayvon Martin
with his little hoodie.
And I don't care what the fuck verdict say
Who, I might add,
is suspiciously brown to be a white folk.
Sumbitch even turned himself into a fat tie
so the jury would feel sorry for him
That he was too outta shape
to wrestle him down
and so he has to shoot him
in his self defense.
I hope he shoot himself someday by accident,
that'd be poetic.
Or on purpose, I ain't picky.
God gonna judge you!
Now everybody know this creep's
as guilty as OJ,
but he get off scott fuckin' free.
Now he wanna box celebrities,
sell his shitty artwork on Ebay,
he's beatin' up his fiancé,
shootin' up his guns again…
What we oughta do is drop his ass off in the hood
and turn the other cheek
while some gangbangers
dole out some REAL justice.
Which one of y'all sumbitches out there
bought his shitty paint-by-number art thing?
I mean how stupid are you?
Come on, stand up!
Let everybody look at ya!
Oh and now y'all see,
he's showin' up at gun shows
givin' out his autograph?
It's disgustin'.
Hey, yeah!
I want your autograph, George.
At the bottom of a goddamn suicide note!
Oh and there's this other dude,
this retired law piglet…
He was at the movie
and he shoot this dude
for textin' they babysitte
and the goddamn movie ain't even started yet!
Commercials, Drinkin' Cokes!
Hoppin-On-The-Screen Popcorn!
They hadn't even told that thing
where they say
Turn Off Your Cellphones, yet!
I hope they give you the chair.
This whole string of things
make other rednecks think,
'Hey I'll go be a vigillante, too!'
Cause this other sumbitch-
Yet again from Florida…
He pulls up to get gas
and he don't like the 'rap crap'
comin' from the car next to him…
So he just goes and empties a clip
into all the people inside.
Drives back to his hotel,
eats food for about eight hours…
He gets a stomach ache.
That's Jesus givin' you guilt, honey.
He got convicted for almost murderin' everybody else,
but the one that he actually killed?
What The Fuck?!?
Yeah, he's gonna spend the rest
of his piece of shit days
gettin' his shitter pounded
by 12-inch Mangingos in Cell Block C!
"He had it comin…"
You know what?
I'd like to see that man fry
like an egg on the sidewalk
wherever it is on the equato
that it's hot enough to cook one.
I mean I ain't no fan of Kanye West,
but I don't go out shootin' his fans!
Every time a car roll up on me
and inside of it's goin'
(poorly-performed beat box sounds)
I don't shoot bullets inside.
I toss in a handful of them M-60s.
Them firecrackers-
Cause that send a message.
I mean it really is funny
if you think about it,
but I'm talkin' on a serious subject right now
so back to business.
Hey I got a message for all you
disgruntled hangin' Chad mofos
down there in the swamp state.
Hey, why don't y'all band together?
You got enough Blacks & Browns & Jews &
Disney Gays & Big City Folks
to create an unstoppable votin' block.
Run them Red Staters up north a little.
Join the Blue States
who's tryin' to create a civilized society.
It ain't too late
and that's How I Seize It.