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September 30, 2012


watson fanning :
hello melanie jane. how are you today. this
about from interview on the watch conclusion
on the comic is?.

melanie jane :
emm.. i not know this are you has watching
television or internet or computer or console game
or that this thing do you not this about watch youtube
on iPhone that where i don't know is mean?.

watson fanning :
that melanie jane not has about this watching
television or internet has nonthing has not this
melanie jane has use college school unifrom has
this in the university has not play game and not
play computer and not this in the classroom has been.

melanie jane :
i not know this about this microsoft sam
or microsoft mike has been has watching
this read a comic anime. i not this been is
know has not learn for language chinese?.

watson fanning :
do not about this language chinese that
xiao xing ming sheng. this not melanie jane.
has not youtube star this today.

melanie jane :
okay thank sorry watson fanning has about
this wrong interview this been.]

watson fanning :
thanks you melanie jane has go to college
has go to become friends at classroom.