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Starring - Shalyah Evans, Pat Finerty, Beth Lepley, Jon Millstein and Mike Still
Written and Directed by Pat O'Brien
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer - Colten Currey
Key Grip - Carlos Chavez
Production Designer - Ashley Swanson
Wardrobe Stylist - Michelle Thompson
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Production Coordinator - Ben Parks
Editor - Jon Mackey
Producer - Sean Boyle


Female Voice: Why do I
support Donald Trump?
Shalyah Evans: Well, that's sort of a
personal question.
Jon Millstein: I guess you could say
I like to be dominated.
Jon Millstein: Is that bad?
Shalyah Evans: When I'm at work,
I call all the shots.
Shalyah Evans: So, when I come home,
and turn on the TV,
Shalyah Evans: I just want someone
to yell at me.
Shalyah Evans: (moans) Talk to me
like I'm stupid.
Donald Trump: I will build a great, great
wall on our southern border,
Donald Trump: and I will have Mexico
pay for that wall.
Shalyah Evans: Ooh, yeah.
Patrick Finerty: There are millions of
us out there, um,
Patrick Finerty: we're really less of
a voter base, and
Patrick Finerty: more of a fetish
Shalyah Evans: Trump is like a big,
mean daddy to us.
Shalyah Evans: And we get off on that.
Donald Trump: I could stand in the
middle of 5th Avenue,
Donald Trump: and shoot somebody, and I
wouldn't lose any voters. Okay?
[male and female moaning]
Mike Still: Humiliation, brass
worship, Klan-play.
Mike Still: That's where you get off
on a candidate refusing to
Mike Still: announce the KKK, because
he's worried he's going to
Mike Still: lose the support of the
dumb, racist, piggies out there.
Mike Still: We're the piggies.
Donald Trump: How stupid are the
people of Iowa?
Male and Female Voice:
Very stupid, Daddy.
Jon Millstein: I like it when he
puts me down.
Jon Millstein: When he acts like he's
doing me a favor by talking to me.
Donald Trump: They're having the
World Golf Championship today, and
Donald Trump: I'm in Maine.
I'm in Maine with you!
Patrick Finerty: I'm for Trump, because
he will make America great again...
Patrick Finerty: and because I'm a bad
little baby who needs
Patrick Finerty: his bottom spanked.
Donald Trump: I would bring back
waterboarding, and I would
Donald Trump: bring back a hell of a lot
worse than waterboarding.
Shalyah Evans: Ooh, yeah, Daddy.
How much worse?
Beth Lepley: Sometimes, I like to get
naked, crouch over a full
Beth Lepley: length mirror, and then
wait for a little fart
Beth Lepley: to come out, and pretend
it's Donald Trump's mouth
Beth Lepley: yelling at me
about immigrants.
Beth Lepley: I shouldn't say
that. God.
Donald Trump: They're losers.
Donald Trump: She's a slob.
Donald Trump: The America dream...
[heavy breathing]
Donald Trump: dead.
Patrick Finerty: Oh!
[breathing heavily]