When you're about to get down with that special someone, sometimes your cat gets in the way.

Full Credits

Starring Dave Franco & Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Writer/Director: Toph Eggers
Director of Photography: Doug Chamberlain
Camera Assistants: Clint Kasperian & Marty Styles
Gaffer: Wes Johnson
Art Director: Adam Johnson
Editor: Martin Desmond Roe
Post Production: Dirty Robber
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Hair and Make Up: Kat Bardot
Sound: BoTown Sound
PA: Lindsey Robinson
Executive Producer: Mike Farah


Dave Franco: Wait. Wait. Wait. Let me get some drinks.
Dave Franco: I see you found the bedroom.
Dave Franco: Yeah, okay.
Dave Franco: I wasn’t sure you really liked me.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: What do you think now?
[ Cat purring ]
[ Cat meows ]
Dave Franco: Okay. Oh. Yeah.
[ Cat purring ]
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: What?
Dave Franco: Hey buddy, what are you doing down there? Hey, I’m sorry. This is Arturo. He’s a little bit of a cockblock, but look at that little face. How can you be mad at that, right? Yeah.
Dave Franco: Oh my god, I’m so. I’m so sorry. Arturo, what are you? Come here, buddy. Come here. No, that’s a bad kitty. Bad kitty. Come on.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Come back to bed.
Dave Franco: I love you.
Dave Franco: Yeah, just go. Just.
[ Cat meows ]
Dave Franco: We got it. Alright.
[ Extremely loud meow ]
Dave Franco: Oh my god, he can’t get out. I’m sorry.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I want you. Now!
Dave Franco: You just carry that with you?
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I’m gonna turn you inside out.
[ Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey plays]
[ Cat meow ]
[ Jamie-Lynn Sigler screams in pain ]
Dave Franco: Yeah! What? What? What’s going on? What’s up? You good?
Dave Franco: Wait, wait, you’re cool, right? You just need, like, a band-aid, right? Come on, we’re so close.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Screw this. I knew I should have gone for Culkin brother.
Dave Franco: Wait, wait, was it about the blood?
[ A woman’s moaning is heard from the computer speakers ]
[ Cat purring ]