James from Twilight fends off some crazy tween fans.

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Starring Cam Gigandet, Becky Feldman, Stephanie Bristol, Haley Bundoc, Kaitlyn Swanton, Gabi Ditto, Sophia Linkletter, Austyn Nestor, Julia Putnam, Lia Marie Johnson, Izabella Morales, Kayla Christine Arellano, Tierney Russell, Corrine Pabian, Laci Kay, and Michelle Bath
Written by Ryan Perez
Directed by Brad Schulz
Make Up by Kat Bardot
Production Coordinator: Christin Trogan

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May 20, 2009


The video opens with a group of tween girls sitting in a circle in a
soccer field. They are each holding a copy of a book. One of them is
reading aloud from the book.

Tween Leader: Did you expect anything else?

The shot cuts to Cam Gigandet jogging along a chain link fence adjacent
to the field. He comes to a halt and eyes the tween girls. He spots the
title of the book, Twilight. The shot cuts back to the tween leader.

Tween Leader
: They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella
does to me. They call her my singer, because her blood sings to me.

Tween 2: Vampires are so cool.

Tween 2 hugs her copy of twilight.

Cam Gigandet flattens up against a light pole and tries to hide his
face. He continues to hide his face and slinks along the chain link

Tween Leader
: I think that’s all for today’s Twilight Book Club. Same time next week.

Cam Gigandet continues to try to avoid making eye contact with the tweens and makes his way further down the fence.

Tween 3 notices Cam Gigandet.

Tween 3: You guys! It’s James. (Calls out to Cam Gigandet.) James!

Cam Gigandet
: (Resigned) Hi ladies. I’m actually, I’m not James from
Twilight. My name’s Cam Gigandet. I just played him in a movie. That’s
all. It’s good to see you guys though.

Tween Leader: Don’t let him escape!

The tweens circle Cam Gigandet as he tries to make a break for it.

Tween Leader: Why did you try to kill Edward, James?

Cam Gigandet: Um, OK. I think you guys got the wrong idea about me. Alright, I’m not James. I’m, just, I’m an actor.

Tween 4: That sounds like something James would say.

Cam Gigandet: Look, I understand that you guys like Twilight, ok, but
it’s just a movie. I mean, I’m not really a vampire. So, please, just
leave me alone.

Tween 5: Or what? You’re going to try to kidnap us, the way you tried to kidnap Bella?

Cam Gigandet: Look, I’m not afraid of you guys. OK. I won the MTV Movie
Award for Best Fight last year and I’m nominated again this year. So,
you better just watch it people.

One of the tweens hits Cam Gigandet.

Tween 6: That was for Edward.

Cam Gigandet: I’m not going to hit a girl. This is ridiculous. You guys are even strong enough.

Tween Leader: We’re strong enough to kill you.

The tweens mob Cam Gigandet. He burst out from beneath the horde of
angry tween girls and takes off running. The tweens chase him. The shot
cuts to him fending the girls off with a stick.

Cam Gigandet
: Stay back! Back! Get back!

The tweens begin to attack him and proceeds to beat them up. He
finishes off the tween leader last. He stands up and the shot cuts back
to show the tween girls all unconscious. He looks around at his

Cam Gigandet: I tried to tell ya. They don’t give Best Fight MTV Movie Awards to just anybody.

The shot cuts to the following text: Vote for the MTV Movie Awards Best Fight at MovieAwards.MTV.com