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Starring: Stan Verrett, Chris O'Donnell, Matthew Morrison, Ahna O'Reilly, Mark Valley, Questlove, Jesse Williams, Alphonso McAuley, Cody Horn, Janina Gavankar, Orlando Jones, Richard T Jones, Kyle Bornheimer, Adam Lustick, Calais Campbell, Jared Campbell, Haley Reinhart, Jahvid Best, Eric Wright, & Nick Nicotera
Directed by Andy Maxwell & Avin Das
Written by Avin Das & Nick Wiger
Original Concept by Adam Lustick
Produced by Christin Trogan
Director of Photography: Luca Del Puppo
Edited by Ruben Stebben
Line Producer/First AD: Greg Kindra
Second AD: Chandra Alexander
1st AC: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Marc Antoine Serou
Key Grip: Aleks Abad
Grip: Eric Tolzmann
Sound Mixer: Kenard Morris
DIT: Dan Moses
Art Director: Laura Harper
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Hair & Makeup: Sara Irving
Assistant Hair & Makeup: Adina Sullivan
Key PA: Dave Cain
PA:Emily McCafferty
Special Thanks: Becky Sendrow, Andy Kraut, Jason Weinberg, Steven Nossokoff, Jessica Kovacevic, Greg Clark, Eric Podwall, Jason Cunningham, Reed Cousins, Lindsey Waterhouse, Aryn Drake-Lee, Miles Crakow, Jeremy Loethen, Lisa Blum, Jon Willing, Luke Genton


Matthew Morrison: It happens every year.
Chris O'Donnell: It happens every tournament.
Questlove: Probably, it's someone you know.
[Music Playing]
Jahvid Best: I've got LIU Brooklyn making a deep run. I know it's a one in a billion chance, but there's always a chance.
Orlando Jones: I always picked favorites. Cause I hate upsets.
Ahna O'Reilly: It's time to stop keeping quiet. And start not keeping quiet about the tournament challenge challenged.
Kyle Bornheimer: Every year, millions of people lose a tournament challenge due to avoidable, stupid decisions.
Chris O'Donnell: It's not their fault. Some people don't get that you shouldn't pick teams based on instinct. First instincts are usually wrong. Think about that. Next time you look at those leather pants in your closet.
Alphonso McAuley: Or pick a team just because some guy on sports radio said 'they're this year's George Mason.' Uh-uh.
Janina Gavankar: Or that, by definition, not every team can be a Cinderella team.
Chris O'Donnell: And yes, every tournament at least one twelve seed beats a five seed, but that doesn't mean you pick every twelve seed to win.
Stan Verrett: And you certainly shouldn't pick every twelve seed to go to the elite eight.
Questlove: And don't pick Harvard to win it all because you're so caught up in Lin-sanity.
Matthew Morrison: The odds of a perfect bracket are one in eighteen quintillion. So, don't smugly tell people that yours is the one.
Janina Gavankar: And flipping a coin to pick every game? Well, frankly that's better than what most of you are doing. Because what you're doing is stupid.
Stan Verrett: Now, this advice seems obvious. Yet, it's tragic that so many still struggle with being tournament challenge challenged.
Ahna O'Reilly: But you can help.
Chris O'Donnell: With your donation, you can help support the tournament challenge challenged recovery center.
Cody Horn: At ESPN dot com's tournament challenge challenged recovery center, these poor selectors will get the assistance they need from licensed bracketologists.
Orlando Jones: The first step in recovery is admitting your mistakes.
Jahvid Best: My Final Four, is all fifteen seeds.
Calais Campbell: Well, I like cats. So, I pick the team with cat mascots.
Black Male Recovery Participant: I pick my teams based off the BCS Rings.
Orlando Jones: Wrong sport.
Black Male Brother 1: We pick our brackets off head coaches.
Orlando Jones: Okay. That works.
Black Male Brother 2: To be more specific, head coaches hair. Tyler Perry's hair? Amazing. Advantage!
Black Male Brother 1: UK all the way.
Man With Glasses: I just came for the snacks. I was hoping there'd be a little more granola.
Orlando Jones: We're out.
Black Male Host: Your support will help stamp out tournament challenge challenged syndrome by two thousand and sixty-seven.
Matthew Morrison: You'll live to fail another day.
Nic Nicotera: What is this?! Mm. Mm. I'm hungry for failure!
Nic Nicotera: And now move your hands together with the paper in the middle. No, but, more like, close your hands with it. There you go!
Black Male Announcer: For now, the best prescription is to go to ESPN dot com and consult the experts.
Cody Horn: They'll keep you from being forever known around the office as the South Dakota State all the way guy.
Mark Valley: These people need your help. So pledge your support to the tournament challenge challenged today.
[Music Playing]
Mark Valley: Boen. You're kidding me, right? No? Good luck.