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December 26, 2016


♪ I've got sunshine ♪
Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming] As your
little girl grows up, it seems like
Bryan Cranston: no guy will ever be
good enough for her.
- ♪ My girl ♪
- [Stephanie Fleming] I'm very excited
Zoey Deutch: for you to meet my boyfriend.
[Ned Fleming] But sooner or later...
- [Barb Fleming] This is house?
- [Ned Fleming] It's time for you to meet
- the love of her life.
- ♪ My girl ♪
[dance music]
Bryan Cranston: Oh my God.
Bryan Cranston: Goddam right.
Bryan Cranston: Turns out her boyfriend
is this zillionaire.
Bryan Cranston: [Walter White] I earned that money. Me!
[Stephanie Fleming]
Laird, has literally no filter.
Zoey Deutch: Like, he's a really good guy.
Bryan Cranston: I simply respect the chemistry.
Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming] No father would
want their daughter with this guy.
[rock music]
Bryan Cranston: Clearly, you don't know who you're
talking to so, let me clue you in.
Bryan Cranston: I am the danger.
I am the one who knocks.
- [music stops]
- Stop that.
Bryan Cranston: Who is it you think you see?
[rock music continues]
Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming] Steph, you
could be dating anyone.
Zoey Deutch: [Stephanie Fleming]
He makes me really happy.
Because of his influence, your mother
is smoking amphetamines.
Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming] This is not someone
we want our daughter marrying.
Bryan Cranston: I am gonna take this octopus down.
Bryan Cranston: Run.
Bryan Cranston: Boom shakalakalaka!
Bryan Cranston: Shut up!
Bryan Cranston: You lower your voice.
Bryan Cranston: Everybody calm down.
Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming]
I think you might be insane.
Bryan Cranston: We're just getting started.
- [Stephanie Fleming] Is that a drone?
- Laird is spying on us.
- [Stephanie Fleming] What?
- [Ned Fleming] Do not mess with me!
[male] What the [bleep]?

Bryan Cranston: [Ned Fleming] You’ve even got
a tattoo with his name on it!
Megan Mullally: [Barb Fleming] That is so cute.