Snooki perfume. It's a real product.


Male voiceover: Exclusive
Male: She was a ray of light
cascading across my soul.
She was radiant, alluring.
(pickle crunch)
Ours was a game of cat and mouse.
I ever the cat. She, the mouse.
I long for your touch.
Snooki: What do you want
a smooch or something?
Male: She is a mystery or is
she the solution to a mystery?
Snooki: Check mate.
Male: Snooki.
She stole my heart. She stole my being.
Snooki: This is some fancy
champagne. I'm going to take it.
Male: She also took my fancy champagne.
She also had the gracefulness of a
gazelle and the ferocity of a cheetah.
Without her, I'm oblivion.
Snooki: Okay seriously? You need
to learn how to act around a lady.
I mean throwing away your toys and
shit, that's not it. And plus you
sound like a freakin poetry book. Bye.
Male: Snooki.
Snooki: By Nicole Polizzi.
It's a real product.