When Dracula heads to Spring Break to recapture his youth, Igor, Frankenstein, The... more »

Full Credits

Written and Directed by
The Granger Bros
Director of Photography
Matt Leaf
Produced by
Matt Granger
Mikey Granger
Robyn Wiener
Samantha Mack
Kirby Jinnah
Cast (in alphabetical order)
Peter New – The Wolfman
Mikey Granger – Igor
Danielle Marchant – Dracula’s Fiance?e
Fiona Forbes – Herself
Trevor Kyle – Drinkinstein
Aleks Paunovic – Frankenstein
Tristan Risk – Zombie Amy Winehouse
Matt Granger – Crazy Dracula
Toby Hargrave – Santa Claus
Ryan Robbins – The Invisible Man
Spring Break Pool Partiers
Madeleine Seignoret
Michelle Hartford
Billie-Jean Nye
Ashley Wing
Ryan Steele
Lindsay Braynen
Koreen Langelier
Tygra Banks
Juanita Mary
Lejla Hodzic
Spencer Densmore
Costumes Supplied by
BooLaLa Costume Sales & Rentals
Camera Assistant/Swing
Dave Tomiak
Kung Fu Grip
G.I. Joe
Tamar Ouziel
Meredith Clark
Script Supervisor
Jenny Wood
Inventor of the Toaster
Charles Strite
Sound Department
Cameron Sinclair
Peter Kepkay
Mike Paprocki
On Set Photography
Aaron Smedley
Aider and Abettor
Rehan Khokhar
Bronze Stoker’s SPF 5000 Graphic by
Kristine Rehfeld
Special Thanks
Ryan Hoy - Pink Limousine
Dale Head
Brenda Head
Alex Head
Brad Yorston
Barb Yorston
Lorena Yorston
Yaz Wallace
Rick Dobran
Laurie Sluchinski
Dani Barnes