The latest development on the crack smoking mayor of Toronto and how it affects world politics. A message from the Government of Canada.


[comforting music plays throughout]

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: When one becomes an engineer he is presented with an Iron Ring.

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: In Canada the original engineering rings were forged from iron and steel from the Quebec bridge disaster.

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: Carrying the weight of this disaster is a constant symbol and reminder of the ethics and fragility of this profession and the obligations that go with it.

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: It is for this reason that we are introducing a new ring that will be mandatory to be worn by all politicians. The “Rob Ford Crack Ring”.

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: Forged from Rob Ford’s actual used crack pipes and beer cans, this should provide every politician with a reminder just how fragile their job is. Whether they’re ordering drone strikes.

[keyboard clicks,explosion]

>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: Organising Olympics.


>> ELECTED OFFICIAL: The Rob Ford Crack Ring.

[comforting outro music]