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The sexually charged literary blockbuster, Fifty Shades of Grey gets adapted for the screen with Selena Gomez and Nick Kroll.
Published May 21, 2012 6.6m views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring - Selena Gomez
Also featuring - Nick Kroll
Writer/Directors - Lauryn Kahn & Lauren Palmigiano
Producer - Betsy Koch
Co-Producer - Matt Mazany
1st AD - Caitlin Smith
DP - Jonathan Nicholas
1st AC - Erin Olsen
2nd AC - Kristina Lechuga
Gaffer - Steven Albovias
Swing - Dan Gartner
Key Grip - Rob Keith
Best Boy - Jason Webster
Production Designer - Martin Vallejo
Art Lead - Ellie Del Campo
Wardrobe - Laurel Pochucha
Hair/MU for Ms. Gomez: Karan Mitchell & Richard Collins
Hair/MU - Chris Mills
Sound - Ryan Kaiser
BTS - Will Reese & Erica Estella
PA's - Anthony Knasas & Ross Buran
Special Thanks to: Trevor Kelly, Lincoln Wheeler, Brad Schulz and Dashiell Driscoll

[Music Playing] [Birds Chirping]
[Doorbell Chimes]
[Music Playing]
Selena Gomez: Who is this gorgeous guy in front of me?
Nick Kroll: Hi. I'm, uh, Cole Blue. I'm a painter. [Coughs]
Selena Gomez: His eyes were staring deep into mine. I could feel my cheeks getting flushed. I hope he didn't notice.
Nick Kroll: [Coughs] Smells like cat food in here.
Nick Kroll: So, you wanna use this?
Selena Gomez: What was that contraption? He was introducing me to a whole new world. And I was ready.
Nick Kroll: Hello?! You need caulk or sealant?
Selena Gomez: He was still such a mystery to me. Why was he putting sheets on the floor? And why did he give me this gift of paint swatches? He was so complicated.
Nick Kroll: My, uh, my dog sleeps with those things. [Coughs]
Nick Kroll: So, here's the van. She's a beaut, huh?
Selena Gomez: I can't believe he was showing me the inside of his van. How many other women had he opened up to like this? I was nervous and excited all at once.
Nick Kroll: Why are you biting your lip like that? Watch out. Start bleeding. Heh. [Coughs] You gotta kind of a thick frame. Husky. So you could probably handle this.
Lauren: He's not finished painting yet? I don't trust him. He's dangerous!
Selena Gomez: I knew Lauren was just looking out for me, but I knew Carl cared about me. And I felt so safe.
Nick Kroll: It's actually great. You could scoop out the belly lint with this thing.
Nick Kroll: You could take a picture. It'll last longer. [Coughs]
Selena Gomez: He was so dominating. I had no choice but to obey. He wanted me to document our growing relationship.
Nick Kroll: Are you really gonna take a picture? [Coughs]
[Camera Shutter]
Selena Gomez: It was our first photo.
Nick Kroll: [Coughs] All right. Here's your bill.
Selena Gomez: I didn't want him to go. I felt a pang in my stomach. I'd never felt like this about a man before. The thought of never seeing him again was agonizing.
Nick Kroll: So, I'm just gonna...OK. You've, uh, not signed it. You've just put your number on here and then hugs and kisses. OK. Well, for a girl that doesn't talk at all, you have full-on creeped me out. This has been bizarre.
Selena Gomez: The last remnants of Carl Blue were still fresh in my mind. He had changed me. I'll never be the same.
[Music Playing]