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Full Credits

Starring Pee-wee Herman, Lorenzo Lamas and the Miss Buffalo Chip Contestants
Directed by Chad Carter
Written by Chad Carter, John Koch, and Paul Reubens
Director of Photography/Editor: Abe Forman-Greenwald
Produced by John Koch, Bonnie Werth and the FOD Team
FOD Sturgis Team: Sean Boyle, Bob Turton, Abe Greenwald & Peter Lazarus
Hair/Makeup: Cristina Waltz
Dresser: Linda Cook-Boernke
Special thanks to Kelly Bush, Natalie Lent, Kristina Sorenson, Vie Entertainment, ID Public Relations, Bonnie Werth, James McCune and everyone at TEAM Services Marketing & Promotion Inc., Rod “Woody” Woodruff and everyone at the Buffalo Chip Campground



> I'm here interviewing contestants for
the Miss Buffalo Chip contest.
[LAUGH] Am I lucky or what?
[LAUGH] Tell me, do you have any heroes?

> Oh, yeah, yeah.
Eleanor Roosevelt.

> I'll definitely say Kierkegaard, but
I'm sure everyone will say that one.

> Oh.

> Heroes are funny things.
I think that we create them just as much
as they create themselves.

> Wow.
That's so profound.

> I know.

> Going down the road, laid down my bike
a 90, took all the hide
off of the.

> I was going through the desert, hit a
Broke my ankle in four places.

> Paper cut.
Lemon juice, that's all I'm saying.

> Get me another water!

> Last call!

> Party at [UNKNOWN].

> Tequila!

> Man, that was the sickest party
Renegade approved, you're one of us now.

> Let's roll.

> Not that one Pee-Wee, this one.
Hang on tight.

> Thank you.