Who said bocce ball can't be gangsta? Oh...nobody said that? Well, we set out to prove it wrong anyway.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Directed by: Best Company Ever, Inc. (BEST*)
Lyrics By: Sniper Twins
Beats by: Treblemaker
Edit by: Adam Svatek, Beast LA
Mix: Steve Gregan Waterfront Sound
DP: Jordan Levy
Special Thanks To Best Crew Ever: Goon Media, Catherine Finkenstaedt, Greg Jones, Aesli Grandi, Kathryn Burns, John Hunstable, Brandon Dimit, Brent Bye, Rene Vas, Rich Tausinga, Ryan Bradley, John Hennessey, Gia Barso, Hannah David, Laura Francis, Nichole Lumpkin, Brian Culp, Brendan Clayborn, Andre Royza, Greg Epstein, Shaun Garmin, Gabe Uhr, Sam Bologna, Larry Marko, John Ebel, Alisha, The Dancers: Brandi, Kathryn, Michele & Rachel, The Waterfront Cafe, Cocalaca Casting & Dom, J.R. & everyone at THE LA BEACH BOCCE LEAGUE.
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