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Full Credits

Created & Written By - Grant Lyon & Andy Peters
Directed & Edited By - Keith Blomberg
Andy – Andy Peters
Gun Dad – Jay Larson
Daughter – Isa McManus
Director of Photography - Nate Cornett
Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami
Make Up Artist - Talia Favale
Title Sequence - Matt Johnston
Sound Re-Recording Mixer - Cameron Tacey
Location - Tommy O’Rourke


[Dog Barking]
[Gun Shots]
Jay Larson: You like that doorbell
don't you?
Andy Peters: Andy: That was
a doorbell?
Jay Larson: Yeah.
Andy Peters: I thought you were
getting shot at.
♪ [Music] ♪
Andy Peters: Well, I'm actually here to
talk to you about guns.
Jay Larson: You're selling guns?
Andy Peters: No-no-no-no.
Andy Peters: My name is Andy Peters. I'm
with a non-profit organization
Andy Peters: that is actually raising
awareness of gun safety.
Andy Peters: It's just too easy to get
guns these days, sir.
Jay Larson: Tell me about it
Jay Larson: You can get guns anywhere. I got
these two, when I brought this one.
- Those real guns?
- Yeah.
- Whoa!
- Real guns.
Jay Larson: This gun right here
I got off a tank.
Jay Larson: How are you
doing Shana?
Andy Peters: Whoa.
Jay Larson: Won this in a poker game
in high school.
Andy Peters: Wow. High school?
Jay Larson: This is my baby.
Jay Larson: You know where
I got this?
Jay Larson: Cuba.
Jay Larson: But,
Jay Larson: it's not registered.
Jay Larson: Who would register this?
Never register a gun like this Andy.
Andy Peters: I'm assuming you don't
have any sort of a
Andy Peters: lockable gun case.
Jay Larson: (Laughing) What is that?
Andy Peters: A cabinet with a key that keeps your
guns in a safe environment--
Jay Larson: Nah-nah-nah. I got
nothing like that.
Isa McManus: Cleaned your AK47
for you dad.
Andy Peters: Oh, but you have a daughter.
Is this your daughter?
Jay Larson: Yeah.
Andy Peters: Sir, you gotta lock
up your guns.
Jay Larson: Listen,
Jay Larson: no offense, I'm pretty
safe with my guns.
Jay Larson: For instance, you didn't know there was
a gun pointed at you this whole time.
Andy Peters: What are you talking about?
Andy Peters: Whoa! Don't point
that gun at me.
Jay Larson: See that? Look at this.
Jay Larson: I gotta fake arm in there.
I got that at adult magic camp.
Andy Peters: Sir, no more magic. Don't point a gun
at me anymore, please, don't.
Jay Larson: I'll stop pointing a gun at you if you
stop carrying a gun yourself.
Andy Peters: What are you
talking about?
Andy Peters: Oh fuck! Sir.
Andy Peters: Please don't do
stuff like that.
Jay Larson: Magic.
Jay Larson: Question is, am I pointing
a gun at you, or
Jay Larson: are you pointing a
gun at yourself.
Andy Peters: God--
Andy Peters: Sir!
Jay Larson: I'll stop joking.
I'll stop joking.
Jay Larson: What are you
hear for Andy?
Andy Peters: It's serious. This is
hard hitting stuff.
Andy Peters: Let me just show...
you need this.
Andy Peters: You need a
rude awakening.
Andy Peters: These are just, I mean, these
are injuries that have
Andy Peters: happened when guns are left
out, and kids get into guns.
Andy Peters: Look at this kid.
Jay Larson: I need to take a look
in the mirror.
Jay Larson: You know, I need to start
protecting this family.
Jay Larson: If something like that ever
happened to my precious girl...
Jay Larson: I gotta thank you for that.
Andy Peters: Sir, no more of the
gun magic, please.
Jay Larson: No-no. This isn't magic.
Jay Larson: See, that sign over there
says, "No Solicitation,"
Jay Larson: and it's my Constitutional right
to protect my property so
Jay Larson: you've got about 5 seconds.
Andy Peters: Are you being serious?
Jay Larson: 5, 4, 3, 2...
Jay Larson: Change doesn't happen
over night Andy,
Jay Larson: but please do email me.
I appreciate it.
Jay Larson: Thank you so much.
Jay Larson: Westin! Give me that gun.
Isa McManus: Daughter: Do I have to?
Dad: Yeah, right now.