Inspired by Richard Marx and Biggie Smalls. Most rap experts and everyone who... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Johnathon Amayo - Director
Michael Cyrulnik - Shreddin', Face-Meltin' and Wailin.'
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Published: September 07, 2010
I remember when I was young,
staring at my poster at KRS One.
Hangin' out at the Dairy Queen,
givin' you a reach-around while reachin' for my dreams.
Kickin' rhymes in Tommy's garage,
makin' out with Gina in the backseat of my Dodge.
Finga' fuckin' in the old school way,
learnin' how to rap with a crazee DJ.

I'm the best rapper in the world, and baby, you're my girl.
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