Is mankind ready for yet another Independence Day? If Mars Attacks will we be ready for them?


♪ [music] ♪
Jeff Goldblum: Oh my God.
Bill Pullman: They're coming back.
Bill Pullman: Bill Pullman: Today, you will once
again be fighting for our freedom.
Bill Pullman: Not from tyranny,
oppression, or persecution,
Bill Pullman: but from annihilation.
Bill Pullman: And should we win the day,
the 4th of July will no
Bill Pullman: longer be known as
an American holiday,
Bill Pullman: but as the day the world
declared in one voice:
Bill Pullman: "We will not go quietly
into the night!"
Female Voice: Why are they screaming?
Brent Spiner: They're not screaming.
Ack! Ack!
Fall back.
Brent Spiner: Brent Spiner: They're celebrating.
Bill Pullman: Bill Pullman: We're
going to live on!
Bill Pullman: We're going to survive!
Bill Pullman: Today we
celebrate our Inde...
Jeff Goldblum: Jeff Goldblum: That is definitely
bigger than the last one.