Oscar winner Marion Cotillard introduces a new product to help women be taken more seriously in the workplace.

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Starring Marion Cotillard
Featuring Taraji P. Henson, Lesley Ann Warren, & William Fichtner
Directed by Jake Szymanski
Written by Seth Morris
Produced by Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Edited by Jake Szymanski
Forehead TIttaes created by Tony Gardner & Tim Huizing
Production Coordinator: Christin Trogan
Production Designers: Rachael Ferrara & Katie Byron
Hair Stylist for Ms. Cotillard: Robert Vetica
Makeup Artist for Ms. Cotillard: Kara Yoshimoto Bua
Makeup Artist for Ms. Henson: Mylah Morales
Makeup Artist for Mr. Fichtner: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe Designer: Janicza Bravo
Wardrobe Assistant: Gina Barbaro
Sound: BoTown Sound
Graphics: Dustin Bowser
First AC: Alyssa Soetebier
Steadicam Operator: Alex Sax
Gaffer: Cody Jacobs
Best Boy Electric: Bernard Evans
Key Grip: Jake Beemer
Best Boy Grip: Hillary Hannack, Grips: Tony Lopez, Andy Dickieson, & Pat Murphy
Production Assistant: Michelle Fox
Set Photographer: Tiffani Roohani
Sleazy Guy: Curtis Gwinn
Male Designer: Mitch Magee
Actor: Seth Morris
Extras: Nadia Shahin, Sergio Cilli, Codi Fischer, Todd Fasen, Allen Loeb, Drew Marks, Marissa Strickland
Music: Forward Thinking by Danny Davies
Special Thanks: Bryna Rifkin, Hylda Queally, Rebecca Sides Capellan, Lindsay Krug, Justin Grey Stone, Pam Sharp, Charly Shahin, H&M Clothing, Samantha Cruz and Avenue Six Studios

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Voiceover: Exclusive.
(music plays)
Marion Cotillard: (Voiceover) In America, anything
is possible.
Marion Cotillard: It is the land of
Marion Cotillard: A place where dreams
come true.
Marion Cotillard: But women in America
must still deal
Marion Cotillard: with sexual objectification
wherever they go, especially
Marion Cotillard: in the workplace.
Marion Cotillard: French women have known for
centuries. To earn a man
Marion Cotillard: respect, you must make
him look you in the eyes.
Marion Cotillard: Introducing Forehead Tittaes,
by Janae. France's best kept secret.
Marion Cotillard: Shhhh.
Marion Cotillard: Lab tests prove that Forehead
Tittaes actually redirect the
Marion Cotillard: male gaze from the chest to
the general area of the brain.
Marion Cotillard: Forehead Tittaes' sleek,
elegant design earns their
Marion Cotillard: respect without sacrificing your femininity.
Marion Cotillard: Forehead Tittaes are safe,
reusable and easily applied.
Taraji P. Henson: There's a Forehead Tittae
for everyone.
Leslie Ann Warren: Because respect never goes
out of style.
Marion Cotillard: Forehead Tittaes, by Janae.
Marion Cotillard: Make them almost look you
in the eyes.
Together: Our eyes are
up here.