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Welcome to BOLLYWOOD TO HOLLYWOOD - The first Indian/American Web & Mobile Series of sexy proportions with a splash of California Sunshine that's taking the New Media by storm!

What do you get when you let an Indian film star (Okay, film star wannabe!) and a Bombay business man (Okay, Producer wannabe!) loose in Hollywood?

This is the story of two star struck individuals, poised to pounce and plunder Hollywood like she's never been possessed before.

It's no secret that SUNIL had dreams of becoming a Hollywood star ever since he was a little boy. Though he wasn't quite sure if it was really his love for acting or the access to easy... Er sorry, easy
access to hot babes that brought him to the star studded streets of Tinsel Town.

After having harnessed the power of the sun with his innovative solar panels and hitting it BIG time globally, Indian Gujarati businessman
AMITABH PATEL after coming to America had only one desire: To make his longtime secret ambition of becoming a BIG time, famous Hollywood producer, a reality.

LINDY, Amitabh's high strung assistant gets wrangled into Amitabh's Hollywood hoopla.

Adopted as an infant the Irish born RADHA , Amitabh's “larger than life” wife, really shows her temper when she learns Amitabh's decision to make Hollywood Producing his new love. You ain’t heard nothing until you've heard this Indian Shrew's reaction to Tinsel Town!

SCHNEIDER, Sunil’s exasperating, expressive, eccentric sponsor.

SAM, the “Hollywood cool” student film director.

Stacy, the beautiful, bubbling, blond bomb shell; Tina, the heavenly, hot, huggable French connection and Val the vivacious, voluptuous vixen best friend of Sunil's...with an assortment of Hollywood heavenlies Sunil finds there is many women, so little time!

Now, get set to get sucked... Into the sizzling, spicy stew that's

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