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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Don Cheadle, William Moseley, Efren Ramirez, Brenda Song, Gillian Jacobs, & James Davis
Featuring Jason Sereno, Brian Guest, Steven Leeds, & Felix the Dog
Writer/Director/Editor: Nick Corirossi & Charles Ingram
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
First Assistant Camera: Ray Lee
First Assistant Director: Greg Kindra
Gaffer: Tom Pena
Key Grip: Jordan Downey
Best Boy Grip: Jason Brewer
Grip: Stephen Chang
Sound: BoTown Sound
Art Director: Flower Cole
Art Assistant: Laura Harper
Key Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Wardrobe Assistant: Bradley Bowns
Key Makeup: Emily Blackmun
Makeup Assistant: Michelle Anyawanu
Second AD: Megan Drayton
Production Coordinator: Samantha Varela
Production Assistants: Leigh Alan, Grant Lipschultz, & Taylor Robinson

(singing) Captain Planet, he's a hero.
Voiceover: Destroy all the trees!
Water: They're going
to destroy the forrest.
Earth: We have to do something.
Let our powers combine.
Earth: Earth!
Fire: Fire!
Wind: Wind!
Water: Water!
Heart: Heart!
Voiceover: With your powers
combined, I am Captain Planet!
All: Go Planet!
Capt. Planet: Well planeteers
what seems to be the problem?
Fire: They're cutting down the trees.
Capt. Planet: Then I guess
well have to plant some more.
(All cheering)
(beam sounds)
(trees planting)
Fire: At a boy Captain.
Capt. Planet: Let's spruce
this place up a bit, huh?
Heart: Okay!
Capt. Planet: Ha ha!
Wind: The wood is good.
(beam sounds)
Water: Please make them leave, (laughs)
Capt. Planet: Ha ha!
(beam sounds)
(dog whining)
(beam sounds)
(woman screaming)
Earth: Captain?
Capt. Planet: Human trees.
Tree, tree, tree, tree (beaming sounds).
(man whistling)
(beam sounds)
(tree growing sound)
Earth: Captain Planet stop right now!
(beam, beam, beam)
Heart: My heart, it hurts.
(long beam sound)
Voiceover: Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop Captain please.
Fire: Stop.
Earth: Holy Guia that's enough.
Wind: Stop (whining)
Earth: Stop, holy Guia, stop.
Capt. Planet: Everybody's
a tree, I knew I'd do it.
Earth: I can't let you do that captain.
(beam sound)
Capt. Planet: Anybody
else want to go green?
(all squeals)
Capt. Planet: Yeah, that's what
I thought with your punk asses.
I'm going back up, don't summon me
again unless you're ready for that pain.
Peace dick holes.
The power is mine bitches.
(beam sound)
(Wind crying)
Capt. Planet: Hey all you
planeteers at home, remember turn
off the faucet between usages
and recycle those plastics or else
I'll turn you into a fucking tree.
Captain Planet mother fucker.

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