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Full Credits

Starring Don Cheadle, William Moseley, Efren Ramirez, Brenda Song, Gillian Jacobs, & James Davis
Featuring Jason Sereno, Brian Guest, Steven Leeds, & Felix the Dog
Writer/Director/Editor: Nick Corirossi & Charles Ingram
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
First Assistant Camera: Ray Lee
First Assistant Director: Greg Kindra
Gaffer: Tom Pena
Key Grip: Jordan Downey
Best Boy Grip: Jason Brewer
Grip: Stephen Chang
Sound: BoTown Sound
Art Director: Flower Cole
Art Assistant: Laura Harper
Key Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Wardrobe Assistant: Bradley Bowns
Key Makeup: Emily Blackmun
Makeup Assistant: Michelle Anyawanu
Second AD: Megan Drayton
Production Coordinator: Samantha Varela
Production Assistants: Leigh Alan, Grant Lipschultz, & Taylor Robinson


(Male Voice Sings) Captain Planet, he's a hero.
Voiceover: Destroy all the trees!
Brenda Strong: They're going
to destroy the forest.
James Davis: We have to do something.
James Davis: Let our powers combine.
James Davis: Earth!
William Moseley: Fire!
Gillian Jacobs: Wind!
Brenda Strong: Water!
Efren Ramirez: Heart!
Voiceover: With your powers
combined, I am Captain Planet!
All: Go Planet!
Don Cheadle: Well Planeteers
what seems to be the problem?
William Moseley: They're cutting down the trees.
Don Cheadle: Then I guess
well have to plant some more.
(All cheer)
(laser beam sounds)
William Moseley: At a boy Captain.
Don Cheadle: Let's spruce
this place up a bit, huh?
Efren Ramirez: Okay!
Don Cheadle: Ha ha!
Gillian Jacobs: The wood is good.
(beam sounds)
Brenda Song: Please make them leave, (laughs)
Don Cheadle: Ha ha!
(dog whining)
(laser beam sounds)
(woman screaming)
James Davis: Captain?
Don Cheadle: Human trees.
Don Cheadle: Trees!
Don Cheadle: Tree, tree, tree, tree...
(beaming sounds)
(man whistling)
(laser sounds)
James Davis: Captain Planet stop right now!
(beam, beam, beam)
Efren Ramirez: My heart, it hurts.
(long laser sound)
Planeteers: Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop Captain please.
William Moseley: Stop.
James Davis: Holy Guia that's enough.
Gillian Jacobs: Stop (whining)
James Davis: Stop, holy Guia, stop.
Don Cheadle: Everybody's
a tree, I knew I'd do it.
James Davis: I can't let you do that captain.
(laser sound)
Don Cheadle: Anybody
else want to go green?
Don Cheadle: Huh?
(all squeals)
Don Cheadle: Yeah, that's what
I thought with your punk asses.
Don Cheadle: I'm going back up, don't summon me again unless you're ready for that pain.
Don Cheadle: Peace dick holes.
Don Cheadle: The power is mine bitches.
(laser sound)
Don Cheadle: Hey all you Planeteers at home,
remember turn off the faucet between usages,
Don Cheadle: and recycle those
plastics or else...
Don Cheadle: I'll turn you into a fucking tree.
Don Cheadle: Captain Planet mother fucker.