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Vocals, ukulele, and performance, Matthew Brookshire. Song by Matthew Brookshire & Luis Jaramillo (2008).
I Can See Russia From Alaska (When I Look In Your Eyes)
(Brookshire/Jaramillo 2008)
Nobody had any faith
Oh, they thought we would fail, But look how we blossomed here
Under the midnight sun.
Wrapped in the fur of a bear
and the skin of a whale, huddled together
we battle the Outside as one.
Who else on earth could I turn to
when the Devil comes ‘round spreading lies?
I can see Russia
from Alaska
when I look in your eyes.
Thanks, but no thanks
To that bridge, but I’d take a kiss
From the bush town Beauty
Who’ll bring any moose to its knees.
Like Esther, brought to the king
For a time such as this
To rescue her people
And punish all our enemies
Who else on earth would I run to
If tomorrow brings rapturing skies
I can see Russia
from Alaska
when I look in your eyes.
We will not blink
We will not think
We don’t question
We won’t compromise
I see Heaven
From Alaska
When I look in your eyes.

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