thanks you my 1000th Video. from antonipieter on DailyMotion. has family... more »
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Published: December 06, 2012
check out this trans scripts :

antonigames has 91 years old :
thanks for watching my1000th video on dailymotion.
you just that thanks for family antonigames and family
antonigames has 91 years old. for special video to the
my new series and new season or new episode for to the.
antonigames highlight,hitler about [blank],caption the random,
win a shirt and more. for thanks you subcribe and my new channel
in second channel name antonikid kanye and newantonipieter on
youtube channel. thanks for my 1000th video. and see you next
time and see you good bye. haleyulah!!!

antonigames has 91 years old :
holy said. has no electricity and light where
you that some family antonigames anything?