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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring James Van Der Beek
Written and Directed by Chad Carter
Produced by Christin Trogan & Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Edited by Justin Donaldson
Featuring Derek Johnson, Bob Turton, Josh Rachford, Stephanie Mayer, Kirsten Barrie, Rebecca Zamolo, & Rachel Hastings
Testimonials: Brian Guest, Jonothan Avigdori, & Matt KcKenna
Restaurant Patrons: Caitlin Kimball, Peter Moses, Frank Capello, Elliot Dickerhoof, Elizabeth Lanteri, Mark Stablein, & Ashley Grashaw
First AD: Greg Kindra
First AC: Ray Lee
Sound: Steve Pawell & BoTown Sound
Grip and Electric: Kevin Stewart, Ricky Fosheim, Tom Pena, Brett Lopez, Ryan Ovadia, & Garrett Shannon
Production Design: Alexi Gomez & Caity Birmingham
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Makeup: Sara Irving
Production Assistants: Elliot Dickerhoof, Elizabeth Lanteri, Andrew Furtado, Sean O'Reilly, & Sam Varela
Executive Producer: Mike Farah

James Van Der Beek: Hello men. My name is James Van Der Beek and I’m sorry. For years, I played sensitive do-gooder Dawson Leery on Dawson’s Creek. Now, you may not have watched the show, but your girlfriend did. And for years she’s been secretly comparing you to a very unrealistic standard. You see, Dawson was sweet, kind, loving, eloquent, generous, romantic. He never made a move and always apologized, whether it was his fault or not. But I’m making it right.

Derek Johnson: Give me a break, already.

Rebecca Zamalo: You were late for dinner.

Derek Johnson: Late? What are you talking about? I wasn’t even late.

Rebecca Zamalo: You were an hour late.

Derek Johnson: You make me crazy!

Rebecca Zamalo: Oh my god, Dawson.

James Van Der Beek: I got you bro. Nice rack. Want to ride jet-skis?

James Van Der Beek: Maybe you forgot your anniversary or you didn’t call her enough from your friend’s bachelor party. I’ll make you look like a hero, by lowering the bar.

James Van Der Beek: Hey, who do I have to dick slap to get some bread around here.

James Van Der Beek: Fellas, you’re not perfect and you should have to be. Let me work for you.

James Van Der Beek: Never waste your money buying candy for a chic. It’s only makes them fat right. Right, bro?

Josh Rachford: I’m not going to high five you.

James Van der Beek: He’s a keeper.

Matt McKenna: My girl grew up on Disney Movies and Dawson’s Creek. Now I’m a nice guy, but I’m not prince charming.

Jonothan Avigdori: My wife was crazy about Dawson, until he punched her mother in the face.

Brian Guest: Van Der Beek took a shit in her aquarium.

James Van Der Beek: I’ll take a shit in your aquarium too.

James Van Der Beek: Abort. Abort.

Kirsten Lee Barrie: Oh my god, Dawson Leery.

Bob Turton: Get the hell out of here, Der Beek! You’re ruining my moment.

James Van Der Beek: Listen buddy, if it floats, flies, or fucks, rent it.

James Van Der Beek: Call now. Let me help. It’s the least I could do. Really. I mean, it’s all my fault. Please. Call!

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