Who knew Jenna was a baller.

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June 04, 2007


Basketball player: All right, everybody in
the room, we're ready, we got our teams.
We good? We good?
Three on three everybody at
half court behind the stripe.
Going for [unintelligible] all right?
Everybody good?
Jenna: Yeah! Count me in too.
We doing shirts and skins?
Just kidding.
Basketball player: I'm not
going to play with you.
You're pregnant.
Jenna: We got a game now?
Basketball player: Let's play.
(rap music)
Jenna: Call your picks please.
For the love of God call your picks.
(rap music)
Bring it!
You know Bodhi and I were thinking
about naming our kid after you.
Basketball player: Really?
Jenna: Yeah, but we didn't
want to name it bitch.
(rap music)
Count it!
(rap music)
The baby just kicked.
Basketball player: Really?
Jenna: Your ass.
Count it!
(rap music)
What was that?
Basketball player white shirt: Sorry.
Jenna: Sorry doesn't put
the rock in the hole.
Why are you even here?
(rap music)
Suck it up, motherfucker.
Count it! Count it!
(rap music)
Count it!
All natural.
I'm sorry. My hormones get really weird.
He took the ball from
me and my baby. (crying)
I'm sorry it's really awkward.
I get these cravings.
This is street ball, fools.
Basketball player: You're a dick.
(rap music)
Jenna: Time to cut the cord, bitch.
It's poster time.
You just got an episiotomy.
Bodhi: Honey! Honey! Hey!
What the hell are you doing?
Male: Oh shit.
Bodhi: You know what the doctor said.
You've got a bad knee. We've got
the Rucker League in two weeks.
Jenna: Oh well. My water broke anyway.
Thanks for the braces, bitch.
(rap music)