(Starring Fabio, Stephen Glickman, Nader Modarres, Scott Thompson) This is a show... more »

Full Credits

Stephen Glickman as Cornelius
Nader Modares as Dexter
Fabio as The Dark Stallion
Scott Thompson as Super Fantastic Man
Monty Hoffman as The Green Apple
Mike Black as The Giant Head
Sarah Tiana as Emily
Matt Walker as G.S.A. Agent
Rick Ingraham as News Reporter
Choir Me Bad
Directed, Written and Created by
Stephen Glickman and Nader Modares
Cinematographer- Kevin Clary
Editor- Phil Bucci
Costume Design- Jasmine Garnet
Art Director- Thomas William Hallbauer
Publicity- Arame Cantrell
The budget for this project was $4, 322.65 and was shot on location (Thanks to Doug Beatty) in Stephens old apartment and Fabio's Home (Thanks to Fabio).
Odd Factoid- When looking for an apartment in Jan of 2008, Stephen was also scouting for a location for this short film/mini pilot and rented this apartment knowing it would be perfect to shoot in....at this point, the script was even finished. Stephen no longer lives at this apartment.
He now has a beautiful condo in the San Fernando Valley.