A Comedy Spoof on A&E's Intervention: Once a fighter pilot, Chewbacca... more »

Full Credits

Writer and Director: Paco Romane
Chewbacca: Chris Knox
Chris: Tex Bramble
Luke Skywalker: Brian Allen
Princess Leia: Aj Nicoletti
Han Solo: Darnyell Wobbler
Darth Vader: Japan Fitzgerald
Therapist: Njon Weinroth
Narrator: Paco Romane
Fergus: Himself
Producer: Calum Grant
Director of Photography: Jeremy Veverka
Editor: Kurt Wobken
Music: David Sophia-Siegel
Sound Engineer: Toni Tru, Chris Parisi
Field Producer: Njon Weinroth
Special thanks to Beau Bonneau Casting and Held Over