Without writers what will James Franco & Mila Kunis perform?

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Produced by Judd Apatow, Mike White, Dave Bernad and Andrew Epstein


Voiceover>Exclusive.You gotta do the rice with the fork.Yeah.Are you full? You're full, huh?No, I just ate Chinese food earlier.Why do we even go out to dinner?Because we're like hanging outI know you.No you don't.Sometimes you surprise me,Am I like that easy to figure out?No! Think about how long we've known each other.But like how slow is slow for you?Uh, that's not a matter of how slow or how fast.Yeah, yeah, like the whole boyfriend and girlfriend label.Who cares?Yeah.Literally.Yeah.Next time on The Hills.You're not nervous, are you?Yeah, I'm nervous. I am.