All you paranoids were right all along.

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Randy Bishop, Ross Everett, Chris Teregis, David Gullman

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Clark – No. The Seahawks will never be good. I don’t care
who their coach is.


Brad – Listen to what you’re saying. A team is only as good
as its coach.


Clark – I agree. Except for the Seahawks.


Brad – Don’t say that.


Clark – Why? Are they on the line? (laughs) Remember when we
thought that the government was listening in on our phone calls?


Brad – Yeah, right after 9/11. Ridiculous.


G-man – So ridiculous.


Brad – What?


Clark – I didn’t say anything.


G-Man – Hey, man, where did we put our drugs, again? I


Brad – We don’t have any drugs.


Clark – I know we don’t have any drugs.


G-Man – Remember, that time we did that really illegal
thing? What was that again?


Brad – The trashcan fire? We were twelve. I don’t know how
illegal that is. What are you talking about?


Clark – What are you talking about?


G-Man – You know what would be fun? Treason. Wouldn’t
treason be fun?


Brad – No. Clark, you’re freaking me out, man.


Clark – I’m not saying this stuff.


G-Man – Yes I am. This is Clark.


Clark – This is not Clark. Well, this is Clark. Clark is, I
mean, I am speaking right now. Who’s on the line?


Brad – What is going on?


G-Man – You are totally tripping, bro. You know what would
make you feel better? Telling me all about your family’s criminal history.


Brad – No.


G-Man – Let’s read each other our dad’s income receipts and
expense reports and see if he’s committing tax evasion.


Clark – Who is saying that? Is the government listening in
on our phone call and trying to extort information from us?


G-Man –You’re sounding ridiculous.


Brad – Get off the line.


G-man – What? Why?


Clark – Dick move. Get off the line.


G-man – Fine, but the he’s right about the Seahawks, you
know. They’ll always suck.


Clark – Thank you!


G-Man – Can I stay?


Clark and Brad – NO!


G-man – Fine. Talk to you later.


Clark – That was weird.


Brad – Tell me about it.


Clark – Yeah. So… wanna shoot Dick Cheney in the face?


Brad – Sure, why not.