The party is long over, but there's always one drunk girl who just won't stop... no matter what.

Full Credits

Writer/ Producer Molly Schreiber
Director Liam White
Editor Liam White
DP Matt Hoodhood
1st AC Alex Sherman
Gaffer Will Christensen
Key Grip Zach Zeidman
Swing Andreas Solorzano
Sound Op Michael Johnson
Makeup Artist Erin Blinn
Location/ Styling Interiors by Liz Duzian
Production Coordinator Hannah Rome
Executive Producer Darren Miller
Sound Design/ Mix Thomas Boykin
Color Correction Persephanie Engel
Molly Schreiber
Craig Tovey
Choni Francis
Colin Murphy

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January 01, 2017


- That party was insane.
- Duh, I did a keg stand last night.
I might have done a
keg stand last night.
I [bleep] blacked down
about halfway through.
I had a crazy night.

Do you know her?
- Who are you?
- I'm Kyle's friend.
Who's Kyle?

[ dance ♪ ]
[screaming female]
- [girl] I get it. I get it.
- You should get some sleep.
- G'night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, goys. [laughing]
I wanted to say boys and guys,
and I said them at the same time.
- [superficial laughter]
- OK. Right.
Weird. Alright, buh-bye.
- Yo, she was so drunk.
- Totally.
- Oh shit.
- [slurring] That was fun.
- Let's have some fun.
- Hey, so the party's over--
The party's not over, I bring the party.
I don't think you should
be drinking anymore.
Don't tell me what to do.
I'm a woman... I make babies.
- Hey sweetheart, what's your name?
- [mumbles]
OK Bramandr, um, there's
an Uber outside for you, OK.
- We're going to take you home.
- Uber's are for pussies!
- OK. Alright.
- OK, it's a white Prius.
She's in. We're good.
[screeching tires, loud crash]
- What was that?
- I crashed an Uber. [chuckles]
- What the [bleep]?
- [ dance ♪ ]
You guys have pot?
Catch her! Catch her!
She was just here!
- You see my phone?
- Wait-wait, what?
- Let's throw a party.
- I don't like this.
- Ah, man.
- Where did she go?
- I don't see her. I don't see her.
- Oh no.
Oh [bleep]! Oh [bleep]!
Oh-oh [bleep]!
Oh no!
- Let's party.
- Nooooo!
- No way! Get out!
- We don't want to party.
[distorted voice]
I always want to party!
- You guys are hot.
- What the [bleep]?
I am so [bleep] up. I know.
Bramandr. [laughing]
- Let's party.
- [screaming]