Zac Efron's Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac's pool party and they just can not be cool.

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Starring Zac Efron, Thomas Lennon, Nicole Sullivan, Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Long, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Queen Latifah, Brody Jenner, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, Chelsea Staub, Jessica Rose, Ruta Gedmintas, Abby Pivaronas, Ryan Rottman, DJ Timbo, Mark Kvamme as himself
Directed by Adam Shankman and Jake Szymanski
Written by Seth Morris
Produced by Adam Shankman and Mike Farah
Associate Producers: Lauren Palmigiano, Zak Zeman
Edited by Neil Mahoney
Camera operators: Neil Mahoney, Josh Simpson, and Brad Schulz
Make up by Shauna O'Toole and Diana Herlofsky
Tom and Nicole's Wardrobe by Leslie Schilling
Sound by Bo Sundberg
Special thanks to Jimmy Badstibner, Jennifer Gibgot, Burr Steers, Jason Barrett, Angie Edgar and Adam Shankman for cleaning FOD's kitchen.


[interposing voices]
Lance Bass: Guys, I have to tell you,
I have not Googled myself
Lance Bass: in over a week.
Zac Efron: Wow, man!
Seriously, congratulations.
Lance Bass: Its small things,
baby steps.
Vanessa Hudgens: I'm so proud
of you.
Zac Efron: Hey, so, I have to
warn you.
Zac Efron: My Uncle Hank might
be stopping by
Zac Efron: with his girlfriend.
Sometimes they can be a
Zac Efron: little bit...
Thomas Lennon: (Voiceover) Zac!
Thomas Lennon: Whew! Zac-a-roni
and cheese.
Thomas Lennon: You remember my
old lady?
Zac Efron: Oh yeah, Randi, Randi
with an "I".
Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, that's right!
Thomas Lennon: Who's your
Thomas Lennon: And who are
her friends?
Thomas Lennon: He meant her boobs.
He meant her boobs.
Thomas Lennon: I'm allowed to look.
Hey, I know you!
Thomas Lennon: Lance Armstrong.
Zac Efron: J-just be
Nicole Sullivan: Alright, lets get a drink.
Get me to the bar.
Nicole Sullivan: Baby's thirsty!
Thomas Lennon: (snickers) Not mine.
Thomas Lennon: I'm serious,
it's not mine.
Brittany Snow: You sound like a
Abby Pivaronas: Oh, you want to talk
about Ron Paul.
Abby Pivaronas: We talk about
Ron Paul.
Brittany Snow: Yes, I would love to talk
about Ron Paul.
Nicole Sullivan: Alright ladies, let's
bring it down a notch.
Nicole Sullivan: Who wants to play bruise,
rash, or birthmark?
Brody Jenner: But is Paul Krugman a true
Keynesian economist?
Thomas Lennon: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Thomas Lennon: (whistles) pull the brake.
Thomas Lennon: Wow. Way to kill the party
vibe doctor, doctor nerd.
Thomas Lennon: Is this guy like doctor
nerd or what?
Brody Jenner: We're talking about
serious issues here.
Thomas Lennon: I'm not with
Thomas Lennon: Hey! Hi. Carmen
Electra, right?
Carmen Electra: Yeah.
Thomas Lennon: If I had a nickel for
every time you gave me a
Thomas Lennon: boner, I would have four
hundred dollars.
Thomas Lennon: Oops, and five
Thomas Lennon: A very special person is
here today, but I don't
Thomas Lennon: want you to treat me like
anybody else, just because
Thomas Lennon: I was the guitar tech for
the Spin Doctors.
[a girl cheers]
Thomas Lennon: Thank you.
Queen Latifah: Can someone please get
this scabies medication
Queen Latifah: salesman out of here.
Thomas Lennon: Oh, sorry, not my fault.
Something I do for a friend.
Zac Efron: I'm sorry. These are the
biggest Band-Aid's I have.
Nicole Sullivan: Do you want to help
me put them on?
Zac Efron: Absolutely not.
Nicole Sullivan: No, just. I'll let you
rip them off later.
Joel Madden: You know honey, I know
we've been talking about
Joel Madden: marriage for a long
time now.
Nicole Richie: Yeah?
Joel Madden: And, I think, on a
beautiful day like this
Joel Madden: would be as good a
time as any.
Thomas Lennon: Hey, can I pitch you guys
a money making idea?
Jessica Stroup: Ok, so that was your
step-dad or your boyfriend?
Nicole Sullivan: It's all the same in the
back of a dark van my friend.
Thomas Lennon: Scratch and sniff
Joel Madden: Don't smell me,
Thomas Lennon: Are you going to be
a dick or what?
Vanessa Hudgens: How do you get your eye
makeup to look like that?
Nicole Sullivan: Oh, you put on Wet and
Wild, Black Midnight, real
Nicole Sullivan: thick, pass out in your
own vomit, wake up the next
Nicole Sullivan: morning, ta-da.
Thomas Lennon: Do you want to hear a
movie idea?
Joel Madden: No.
Thomas Lennon: About a bear that goes
into space, called Space Bear.
Chelsea Staub: You did black market
Japanese game shows?
Nicole Sullivan: Mmmm-hmmmm.
Chelsea Staub: What is that?
Nichole Sullivan: (chuckling)
Chelsea Staub: Ew.
Nicole Sullivan: No, that's all right.
They're blindfolded, so
Nicole Sullivan: they think it's
someone else.
Nicole Sullivan: I'll take another
one of...Oh crap!
Nicole Sullivan: Oh, it's just
a waterfall.
Nicole Sullivan: I thought I was
pissing myself again.
Thomas Lennon: Three words.
Adults only water-park.
Zac Efron: It's an awful
Nicole Sullivan: Lonelygirl, I can't believe you're
here. This is unbelievable.
Nicole Sullivan: How did you get away
from that cult?
Jessica Rose: You have Internet
where you live?
Nicole Sullivan: Only if I climb on top
of my roof
Nicole Sullivan: and steal it from
my cousin.
Nicole Sullivan: Can I have another tequila and Snapple?
Thomas Lennon: Thanks for killing
my boner.
Nicole Sullivan: What's the grossest thing
you've ever done for money?
Thomas Lennon: Zefron - three million.
That's all I need.
Thomas Lennon: You shut your mouth Brent Ratner.
Shut your mouth.
Thomas Lennon: You're lucky there's
a wall.
Nicole Sullivan: What did the judge say
about your temper?
Thomas Lennon: Zac.
Thomas Lennon: Killer party man,
Zac Efron: Yeah, whatever, you guys
can't drive you know.
Thomas Lennon: Like I got a driver's
Thomas Lennon: Bus pass.
Oooh, ouch.
Zac Efron: You know what, Uncle Hank.
I am pissed.
Nicole Sullivan: All right, bring it, bring
it, bring it.
Nicole Sullivan: I just want to let you
know that that offer to
Nicole Sullivan: help me with my Band-Aids
is still open ... so are my sores.
Thomas Lennon: Hey Zac, look, I'm sorry.
I get nervous around all
Thomas Lennon: your fancy friends.
I'm sorry if I embarrassed myself.
Thomas Lennon: I'm just so proud
of you.
Thomas Lennon: I love you
so much.
Thomas Lennon: I'm so proud of you.
I love you so much.
Zac Efron: I love you too.
Thomas Lennon: I'm just drunk,
I'm sorry.
Nicole Sullivan: Wrap it up here,
Hallmark. I need smokes.
Thomas Lennon: Oh, you smell like a
waffle. Mmm. I love you.
Thomas Lennon: Oh, hey, sorry about
the hot tub.
Zac Efron: What?
Vanessa Hudgens: Babe! Your Uncle Hank took
another poop in the hot tub!