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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written & Created by: Nate DuFort & Chris Pagnozzi
Director: Sandy Marshall
Executive Producer: Scott Goldstein
Producers: Nate DuFort and Chris Pagnozzi
Associate Producers: Ryan Strobel, Stephanie Mohr
Director of Photography: Steve Delahoyde
Editor: Steve Delahoyde
Titles & Animation: C.J. Arellano
Additional Post: Chris Pagnozzi
Costume Designer: Clare Kelly
Crew: Erik Gandy, Eric Akeson
Script Supervisor: Brittany McCoy Boardman
Production Assistants: Michael Aviles, Sarah Cowdery
Photography: Greg Mulvey
Original Art: Stephani Allan, John Drauss, Greg Mulvey, Mandy Walsh
Logo by: Tom Deja at Bossman Graphics
Original Music by: Ben Harris, Alex Kliner and Nate DuFort
Original Songs by: Nate DuFort, Chris Pagnozzi, Ben Harris, Vlad Berkhemer and Alex Kliner
Starring Nate DuFort and Chris Pagnozzi
Michael Aviles, Sofia Mia Canale, Saurin Choksi, Adam Cole, Sarah Cowdery, Scott Goldstein, Greg Hollimon, Warren Phynix Johnson, Jessica Joy, Adam Peacock, Sandy Marshall, Susan Messing, Stephanie Mohr, Ellie Reed, Tim Robinson, Ann Marie Trepkowski, Elizabeth Trepkowski, Nicole Vespa, Danielle Wheeler
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